Virtual Consultation

Phone/Internet Consultation

If you live outside of the New York Tri-State area and are unable to see Dr. Neal Blitz for an in-office consultation, we can arrange a “virtual consultation”.

We typically need pictures of your feet so we can understand what your surgical needs are. If Dr. Blitz takes on your case, we will provide information regarding surgical costs, insurance coverage, financing options, as well as next steps.

If you are interested in beginning this process, please complete the form below. You will be asked to provide a brief description of yourself, your concerns, and your goals. Again, it is also very important that you attach photos of your feet in order for Dr. Blitz to determine your candidacy for any surgical procedures.

Please complete the form below to begin your phone or internet consultation process:

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If you have some photos of your foot/feet that you would like to share, please use the upload button below to upload photos to send to us:

Please attach photos of the top view of both your left and right foot:

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General Disclaimer: Please be advised that any information provided prior to an office visit is for general education purposes and should not be construed as medical care and treatment.  As such, all communications prior to an office visit are not intended to create a doctor patient relationship. Should you require medical advice please contact our office at (212) 776-4250 to set up an appointment.