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Noreen: Bunion

Noreen: Bunion

When I went back to work within one week, I was able to deliver babies [as an OBGYN]

Patient is an OGBYN who underwent bunion surgery on both feet at the same time. Dr. Blitz’ walking protocol after Lapidus Bunionectomy with the Contours plate allowed the patient to ambulate immediately after surgery and return to her work as a surgeon within 1 week after surgery.

Hi, my name is Noreen. I’m an OB/GYN, resident now attending and I had my… both bunions done by Dr. Blitz. II had really bad bunions and I can’t believe I’m admitting that on camera, but I had really bad bunions. And Dr. Blitz performed a Lapidus procedure on both feet.

When I first came to Dr. Blitz, I was very skeptical about bunion surgery because I was in the last year of residency and I had move around and walk around. And so… but I didn’t want to undergo surgery twice. So I came to him and I spoke to him about the recovery and he said it was much less with the procedure that he does and the plate that he developed. And I went with it.

I only had a week vacation where I was able to be off my feet. When I went back to work, within a week I was able to deliver babies, I was able to operate. I actually… week two, I did a four hour surgery standing straight. And basically the recovery is amazing. Totally what I didn’t expect. I expected to be immobile, I expected to be sitting in a house, not being able to do much and… but it was great. I had a great recovery.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Blitz for this surgery, for bunion surgery because I’m very happy with my outcome, I’m very happy with my recovery. I’m very happy with the patient care. There was not a moment where I needed to speak with him about any medications, any movement, anything that I needed, when I should exercise and so on, and he was there all the time. And it was definitely a great experience and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is thinking about this surgery.

You should definitely do your research, you know, bunion surgery is not a small surgery, although I’m simplifying it a lot because Dr. Blitz made it a very easy transition. However, you should definitely see… you know, going to who’s done the procedure, how many they’ve done. In terms of my doctor, Dr. Blitz, he has done… I want to say thousands of bunions. And also he developed the plate that he put in both my feet. And so knowing the mechanism of the plate and how it’s placed because he developed it as very comfortable.

Before I met Dr. Blitz, I had been to different doctors exploring the surgery and when I came to Dr. Blitz, I felt very comfortable, he explained the surgery very thoroughly. He drew pictures. He gave a comforting feeling, you know, to the patient and it made me at ease and actually I decided in that first visit that I was going to do the surgery with Dr. Blitz.

Murielle: Revision Bunion Surgery

Murielle: Revision Bunion Surgery

I am from Maryland and come to New York for Dr. Blitz for revision bunion surgery on both of my feet. You can trust your feet to Dr. Blitz

Murielle had previous bunion surgery that resulted in the immediate return of her bunions. She traveled to Dr. Blitz for revision bunion surgery on both feet at the same time. After surgery on both feet she was walking in a surgical shoe (No Cast No Crutches™). She is a registered nurse and is pleased with her now straight bunion free feet.

Hi, I’m Murielle. I’m from Maryland. I came up to New York to see Dr. Blitz for a revision of some Bunionectomies on both of my feet.

I had my previous surgeries done with a physician in Maryland. I trusted her very much. She used to give me injections for pain and she did surgery on my right foot first; promised she would correct the bunions. 2 weeks later, she did the 2nd foot and 5 weeks thereafter, both my big toes were turned inwards. The procedure failed. The bunions were not corrected. I then proceeded to do my own search because I was in pain and I needed for my feet to look right.

I did my own search on the internet and I found Dr. Blitz. I did my own search and I called him. His team saw me right away, they fit me in.

I chose Dr. Blitz for revision because it was very difficult. Talking to the physician who did my surgery for me before explained she couldn’t do the surgery at the base of my foot where it was situated/where it was located. So I decided to find a physician who was experienced with the kind of bunions that i have because they were described to me as severe bunions. So I did my search, found Dr. Blitz, and sure enough, he was able to do the corrections.

Dr. Blitz has created a surgery that requires no crutches. He did both of my feet at the same time and I am able to emulate with no difficulties. I’m back, I’m up and I’m walking around.

Now after the surgery, my toes are straight, they are all aligned. I feel like I have beautiful feet.

My experience with Dr. Blitz in the office was excellent. Well understanding staff. I am also a nurse. I work in a very big institution; a teaching institution.

One thing I would like to add, regard this to all, right here in New York City, or Maryland like me, or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Europe, wherever you are, you can trust your feet to Dr. Blitz.

Alanna: Revision Bunion Surgery

Alanna: Revision Bunion Surgery

I was referred to Dr. Blitz through another doctor because my case was complex

Alanna underwent revision bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz for the treatment of a hallux varus (the result of a failed bunion surgery). After surgery with Dr. Blitz, her big toe is now properly positioned. It looks good and functions properly.

Hi, my name is Alana, and I came to Dr. Neil Blitz for a revision surgery. I had a bunionectomy when I as 12 years old, which then led to a hallux valgus at, I guess, 18 and then I had the same procedure done as of recently with Dr. Neil Blitz. So he had to revise everything, and get it all back together.

I was referred to Dr. Blitz through another doctor because my case was kind of complex and he has worked on procedures such as mine, and I wanted it to be successful this time.

I’m very happy with the way things turned out. My foot looks great, the toe is back in place and the structure of my foot looks amazing.

Dr. Blitz has been a great surgeon and also a great doctor. He’s done really well with the follow-ups and also with being personable.

If you’re looking for a surgery and you’re doing a search online, Dr. Blitz is a great place to go to. He’s a wonderful doctor.

For people that are looking for reconstructive foot surgery, Dr. Blitz is one of the best doctors, and I really highly recommend him for any kind of reconstructive surgery.

At the end of the day, I realized that Dr. Blitz was going to be the right choice for me.

Lynn: Bunion Surgery

Lynn: Bunion Surgery

It's been a year since my bunion surgery and my foot looks great... I can do everything I did before, if not better. I am so happy with my foot.

Lynn is extremely happy one year after having her large bunion fixed by Dr. Blitz, using his patented bunion implant and Bunionplasty®. She is back to yoga and wearing shoes without pain.

Hi, my name is Lynne and I had bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz. It’s been a year since my bunion surgery and my foot looks great, the scar is hardly noticeable. I can do everything I could do before but better. My shoes fit better. I can do yoga and I haven’t lost any mobility. The best part is I’m not in pain or discomfort anymore.

When I was researching Bunion surgery in New York, of course, Dr. Blitz’ name came up first, front and center. So of course, I had to click on it. I did a lot of research.

Dr. Blitz made me feel instantly comfortable and I was quite the nervous patient. I had asked tons of questions because I had done research, I had come in armed with all of these things I wanted to know and he was great. He talked me through every step, he was very patient, very compassionate and it just made me feel so comfortable.

I am so happy with my foot.

Marie: Bunion, Big toe joint arthritis

Marie: Bunion, Big toe joint arthritis

I am so happy that I found Dr. Blitz

Success story patient of Dr. Blitz. This patient had Lapidus Bunionectomy and Removal of Arthritis at the big toe joint. The patient is very happy with the result.

My name is Marie. I simply am so happy that I found Dr. Blitz. He did the surgery for me, I had problems with my bunion, arthritis, bone scars, and it was getting to the point where I couldn’t really walk anymore. And I went online with my boyfriend and both of us found Dr. Blitz as one of the top surgeons in Manhattan. That’s why I looked into it, I researched and I decided to go and see him.

I did, I was very happy, what I saw and heard and I had him do the surgery. And I am absolutely happy… I have no words to say that… I am glad I did it.

Before I got the surgery, I was actually walking holding on because when I would put pressure on my foot, I would get pain on my foot and what was happening was I was walking on the side of my foot and it was affecting my hip and my lower back. And it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore, this was going on for quite a while.

Now after the surgery, I’m walking around and I have no pain. And it’s just absolutely wonderful.

Well I really didn’t intend on going on sort of my insurance. I did go to two other doctors before I came to you. And when I spoke with you and based on the exam and our conversation, I just had a very good feeling about you compared to the other two doctors that I had gone to. And I… based on the research that I did, I felt that you were the best one to go to, so that’s what I did.

I spoke with [Cher] and she is a sweetheart, very accommodating I have to say. And I felt that she kind of takes it personal where she gave me her cell number at one point where I needed to contact her. And she answered any of my questions that I needed and it just… there’s no more to say. She was just great and the office was great.

If you have bad foot problems, especially like I did, bunion, or even if it’s just you don’t like the way your foot looks because of the bunion… get it done. It’s not as scary as it was, to me. I was scared about doing it because everyone told me how painful it is and how long it takes to… for it to heal. I especially knew because my daughter had it done twenty years ago and I saw what she went through with the pain. And I was kind of reluctant to have it done because remembering how she was in pain, I didn’t want to go through that. But it’s not like it was twenty years ago.

My foot looks good, I like the way it looks. The bone’s not sticking out like it was before and I actually like my foot. Yeah, I want to thank my boyfriend because he actually found Dr. Blitz online and he helped a lot with the research.

I recommend Dr. Blitz to my friends and I have already recommended Dr. Blitz to strangers.

Patricia: Bunion

Patricia: Bunion

I was extremely pleased with the surgery and I had absolutely no pain after the surgery and didn’t even take a Tylenol

Success story patient of Dr. Blitz. This patient had a Bunionplasty by Dr. Blitz and discusses her experience. She is pain free and very happy with her result.

My name is Patricia and I found Dr. Blitz online when I was looking for non-invasive bunion surgery. I had a small bunion which many doctors said was not worth operating on because of the pain, but the pain of the bunion was getting worse. When I came to Dr. Blitz, he said I know just what you need and we discussed it and had surgery within two weeks. I was extremely pleased with the surgery. I had absolutely no pain whatsoever, I never even took a Tylenol. I was walking on the foot the day after surgery with a boot, and within two months I was wearing my shoes. So I couldn’t be happier. My scar hardly shows, my foot is a hundred percent perfect and I have no more pain. How could I be happier?

Well choose Dr. Blitz because number one, his credentials are amazing. Number two, as a person and as a doctor, he is a wonderful individual. And I feel he’s very conscientious, does what you need and doesn’t try to convince you to do more.

I didn’t go to any other doctors because I was very impressed with Dr. Blitz’s credentials about which I read on the internet. And when I… actually the office called me, I signed up on the internet, they called me back within an hour and my experience here was excellent. The receptionist is a lovely person who I can’t say enough good things about her. And it’s been a totally excellent experience.

Nancy: Bunion, Hammer toe, Corn

Nancy: Bunion, Hammer toe, Corn

The best decision I’ve made in years, Since the surgery my foot looks amazing

Success story patient of Dr. Blitz. This patient had a bunionplasty and hammer toe surgery on both feet. The patient discusses her results and experience with Dr. Blitz.

Hi. My name is Nancy. And I came to see Dr. Blitz for hammertoe and bunion surgery. And it was probably the most… the best decision I’ve made in years. Before coming to him, the pain was excruciating. I did a little bit of research and found him very quickly and easily online. And now I’m looking forward to having my next school year being pain free and no more corns, no more bunions, wearing my shoes again.

A few months ago, I realized that it was getting more and more difficult. I was spending fifty, sixty dollars a month on supplies to cushion the corns on my feet, the bunions… just shoes, constantly buying shoes and I realized I needed to do something more. I spoke to a few friends who have had bunion surgery and they told me of their experiences. I started looking online, saw a few videos and it was a bit intimidating. And then I saw his interview on… I believe it was ABC news. And I saw his interview and I realized he sounds confident, he sounds capable, he sounds like someone I can trust.

I had, I believe six corns and the bunion. Since the surgery, my foot looks amazing. The healing is going great. The incision site is phenomenal.

This is a great place. If you are considering surgery, it is a first choice on your list, it should be the first choice.

Dr. Blitz’s staff is amazing. [Cher] is phenomenal, she was there whenever I called, asked me to come in, they were always available, they would listen.

I totally and completely recommend seeing Dr. Blitz first and foremost before you see anyone else. I had a few friends that have had the surgery done and their results haven’t been as great and I know that they regret it. I have recommended him and it would probably be the best decision you’ve ever made, if you’re thinking about having–

Roula: Bunion

Roula: Bunion

I come from Jordan and travelled all the way to do the surgery with Dr. Blitz

Roula (and her husband) traveled 6000 miles from Jordan to New York City for Bunion Surgery with Dr. Blitz. She had both feet repaired with the Bunionplasty® procedure.

My name is Roula. I, I come from Jordan. I traveled all the way to do this surgery with Dr. Blitz. Actually I was very fortunate to locate Dr. Blitz through the, my, my online research. Our visit you know, to New York was one of the best—decisions.

Yes really this time cause we had a pleasant time, plus we, I did my surgery. Actually all the people I talked they say, they said why don’t you go to the states and do your surgery there? I would recommend people coming here and doing the surgery. I was coming here to do one foot and ended up doing two. So I’m really happy with it. I’m really pleased.

Even though we are international clients this is very difficult for, for, for us to travel to, to pay the expenses of a doctor, and to, to you know, you have sometimes when you, you come from other countries and other cultures you have doubts and, and certain issues. But you know, as we, as we, we communicate with his office, with the clinic we thought, we felt that there was some sort of relief because it was proficient.

I do recommend the people coming to you if they need foot surgery. Really it was a smooth procedure. The, the meeting, the first meeting was great. We had, we had all, all our answers, I mean all our, we had all our questions answered and we had the procedure explained to us. And the surgery went excellent. The pain was almost, I can say none.

You know we could have gone to Mayo Clinic, to John Hopkins, we have alternatives and we have all the, you know, the means to, to do that. We could have I, I was supporting her with all the you know, and the decisions that she would take I would, I would definitely support her on that. But she choose Dr. Blitz for the, for the procedure and then she, she was hesitant to, to go for two feet together. And after she met Dr. Blitz she chose to do the two together, which means a lot of confidence in, in his capabilities. I think, I think definitely this has a great impact on, on someone like Roula. She is a very cautious person. She, she, you know, she Google’s thousands of doctors. Once she takes a decision it’s definitely the right decision, so she took that decision.

Well Dr. Blitz was our best option, and we flew here. And–

The trust starts from, from the beginning. I mean you, you start, you make a phone call. We made some phone calls in Jordan sometimes; I don’t want to be negative about the physicians and doctors in Jordan. Because we have the best physicians in Jordan, but you felt from the beginning when, when, we felt from the beginning when we talked to, to here on the phone there was a sense of seriousness in taking our phone call seriously. We felt that there is some sort of high professionalism. And, and, and the appointments and the, the dedicated time by the doctor and his staff, it seems like it is not usually actually for us to, to find such, such–Yeah and the phone calls. Well I trusted Dr. Blitz.

Kevin: Plantar Plate Tear, Tendon Repair

Kevin: Plantar Plate Tear, Tendon Repair

I owe the world to Dr. Blitz because without him I wouldn’t be very mobile

Success story patient of Dr. Blitz. This patient fully lacerated 2 tendons and the plantar plate ligament after stepping on glass. Dr. Blitz repaired the tendons so that he can regain function to his foot.

Hi! My name is Kevin. I’m a 29-year-old medical student. I had an unfortunate accident where I tore two tendons in my foot and a ligament.

I actually found Dr. Blitz almost by accident but it was meant to be because he repaired everything that was wrong. He caught the problem immediately that my primary physician missed and had it not been for him I would probably have never been able to return to the really active lifestyle that I’m used to. I was so worried. I can rock climb. I can run. I would recommend to anybody to go see him who has pain problem or something wrong with their foot.

Basically Dr. Blitz will see you as a patient but he will treat you like a friend and a member of the family, part of the team. I think that nowadays it’s pretty difficult to find a doctor who really engages with the patient. I would definitely say that it’s very, very comfortable and professional but in a friendly environment.

The definition of irony I would say is in my certain case I was jumping out of the way to dodge a really big plate that somebody dropped and landed on the glass, which I was trying to avoid. I cut and lacerated two tendons and a ligament.

I would definitely say the experience was very humbling. As a medical student studying to become a foot doctor as well, I should have caught my own injury but I didn’t. That’s okay because Dr. Blitz caught it immediately and evaluated the problem at once.

I owe the world to Dr. Blitz because without him I wouldn’t be very mobile and probably not for the rest of my sports activity career.

Brooke: Revision Tarsal Coalition Surgery

Brooke: Revision Tarsal Coalition Surgery

We had searched all over the nation for a physician that could fix the issue that I was having with my foot and Dr. Blitz was the only one that could!

Success story patient of Dr. Blitz. After performing a nationwide search, this patient chose Dr. Blitz to perform her revision tarsal coalition surgery. She shares her experience with Dr. Blitz.

My mom and I decided to fly in from Ohio to New York because Dr. Blitz is truly one of a kind. There wasn’t another surgeon in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky or Tennessee. We searched all those places. Dr. Blitz was the only one that was just a perfect fit for my situation.

I had gotten many other opinions before from a lot of other surgeons that just did not want do the procedure that I felt was best for me.

Dr. Blitz was very knowledgeable in that aspect. He is very professional and he spent a lot of time with us. Other surgeons, the procedure that they wanted to do to fix my issue, was very old school and they had been doing it for such a very long time. I came in, they told me what was wrong and they wanted to sign me up for surgery right then and there.

Dr. Blitz has been phenomenal throughout this entire process. He spent a lot of personal time with my mom and I discussing all of our fears, my recovery and we never were left with any questions as far as the surgery.

It was very important to have a surgeon that could do revision surgery for my foot because I had been through, like I said, three previous surgeries and I did not obtain the result that I was hoping to obtain.

This surgery has been just a breeze recovery wise. Usually in the past I’ve been sick, I had been in so much pain, I couldn’t walk for a really long time. I was actually shocked with how I was not in much pain, I was not nauseous and I was actually able to move my foot around the day after the surgery. It’s just been a wonderful experience recovery wise.

What advice I would give for other people that may be in my situation is don’t be afraid to take a risk and follow your heart. If I had not followed what I thought was best for me and what was best for my foot I would have had a completely different surgery that would have had a longer recovery and it may not have ever really worked for me and it would have been permanent.

We had searched all over the nation for a physician that could fix the issue that I was having with my foot and Dr. Blitz was the only one that could!