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Vittoria: Bunion Surgery

Vittoria: Bunion Surgery

I had Bunion Surgery with Dr. Blitz and I'm super happy.

Vittoria had large bunions corrected by Dr. Blitz using the Bunionplasty®. She is back to wearing heels and couldn’t be happier with how her feet feel.

Hi, I’m Vittoria
I had bunion surgery with Dr. Neal Blitz and I’m super happy.
I found Dr. Blitz using the internet.
I used Google and I researched the best surgeons in New York City.
I had bunions ever since i could remember and they always stopped me from doing fun things.
This includes things like going to the beach because I was embarrassed. As I got older they started hurting, I couldn’t wear the shoes that I wanted to and was even embarrassed to go shopping for shoes. I was 21 when I decided that I finally wanted to get rid of them.

Meeting Dr Blitz was amazing! He is the most personable doctor I’ve ever met and that is very important to me.

I am so happy that I chose to have the surgery done, especially by Dr. Blitz.
now I go to the beach, I put on flip flops and I wear heals!
If you have bunions or any other foot problems, I strongly recumbent going to Dr. Blitz.

Fiodaliza: Bunion Surgery

Fiodaliza: Bunion Surgery

My feet look wonderful. They are beautiful. I could not be happier. I am now able to wear my heels.

Fiodaliza had both bunions correct with Dr. Blitz’ Bunionplasty® and she is very happy with the look and function of her feet. She was walking immediately after the surgery and is not back to wearing heels.


Hi! I’m Fiordaliza, I had bunion surgery two months ago and I could not be happier. My feet look wonderful, they are beautiful and I could not be happier. I am now able to wear my heals and everybody wants to know who did this. So I get to show people. People actually want me to take my shoes off to show them Dr. Blitz work.

I could not remember a time where I didn’t have bunions and pain in my feet. So I’ve had them for most of my life I would say. Now I am elated. No more pain! I was able to walk immediately after I came out of anesthesia, then I went home and had lunch. That was great.

Recovery was really easy. I paid attention to what Dr. Blitz said. If you’re considering bunion surgery I have to tell you that Dr. Blitz would totally make you feel at ease and relaxed because he explains every step of the way. So that for me was the one thing that made me feel comfortable.

I want people to understand that it’s not as crazy as some people think it is. It’s really an easy surgery to experience. The staff here in Dr. Blitz office is amazing just as he is himself. Very caring, warm, loving and genuine which is amazing to me. I was able to find someone that cared so much. I felt the love in this office.

Brandy: Bunion Surgery

Brandy: Bunion Surgery

My feet now are fantastic and I get compliments... I would do it again in a heartbeat of I had to because the relief of pain has really changed my life

Brandy underwent Bunionplasty® on both feet and was allow to walk after surgery in a surgical shoe (No Cast No Crutches™). She is extremely happy with the way her foot look and feel.

Hi, my name is Brandy. I had Bunion surgery on both my feet. I found Dr. Blitz both online as well as… I saw him on an interview on ABC News.

My feet now are fantastic. I get compliments often at the gym. They feel wonderful in shoes and even doing physical activity that I did before surgery.

I was beyond apprehensive to have surgery. I was petrified. So, after going to several doctors, I put the surgery off for 15 years and after coming to Dr. Blitz, I felt incredibly comfortable. I was very scared for the first surgery, but it went well. So much so, that for the second surgery, I was asking if I could have the surgery sooner than anticipated. So, all my fears were completely vanished.

I would say Dr. Blitz has the best bed-side manner of any doctor that I have been in contact with and as someone who has had more surgeries than I would like to admit, the amount of patient care that you get from him and his staff is paramount. It’s something that made me choose Dr.Blitz over any other.

Before I came to see Dr. Blitz, I had probably seen several surgeons who wanted to put me in a cast and crutches for several months. And for somebody who lives in Manhattan and has a very active lifestyle, it wasn’t something I could sacrifice by way of time. So after a couple days, I was incredibly surprised that I could walk around in a surgical boot and several days after that, I was up and about in the city. That was a pleasant surprise to me and the thing that sets Dr. Blitz apart from other Doctor’s in the field.

So many people ask me if I would do it again, frankly, I say the same thing. I would do it again in a heart beat because the pain and the relief of the pain has really changed my daily life.

Fran: Bunion Surgery

Fran: Bunion Surgery

There is nobody else to go to but Dr. Blitz. His technique allowed me to walk the next day after surgery.

Fran had severe bunions corrected by Dr. Blitz with the Bunionplasty® and was walking immediately after surgery without crutches or casts. She is extremely satisfied with her beautiful feet and says Dr. Blitz is the best bunion surgeon Manhattan.

Hi, my name is Fran and I had Bunion Surgery with Dr. Blitz. I had my right one and then my left one.
And… completely happy with the job.
If you’re looking for a foot doctor, there is nobody else to go to but Dr. Blitz. I really mean that. There is nobody else to go to.
My big toe was going over the second toe on my right foot. It literally looked like I had 4 toes. You never saw the second toe and I used to get spacers because on my job, I have to stay on my feet for 8 hours and that was the only way I could do it and Dr. Blitz fixed it so I don’t have to do that.
Dr. Blitz’ technique allowed me to walk the next day after surgery.
I had made an appointment with a local podiatrist and my daughter did not like him. So she went online, fount Dr. Blitz and brought me here, which was the best thing she could have done.
The first doctor explained to me what his procedure was going to be and I would of had to been in a cast and crutches for 6 weeks.
When I met with Dr. Blitz, he explained his technique which would allow me to get up the day after surgery. My bunions are in a class considered severe.
I am 65 years old. Probably by the time I was in my late 20’s, the bunion was staring to get bad and I basically didn’t look at my feet.
I never went for pedicures because I always had my feet covered. And now is the first time, I actually show my feet to people because I don’t have a bunion there anymore and they are beautiful.
The one thing I was afraid of the first time I had my first foot done was everyone said, a lot of customers in my store, that it was going to be the most painful thing you ever went through. And I was literally surprised. Dr. Blitz, I can’t say enough good about him and his office manager, there is nobody like her. She goes out of her way to do everything. Every question you have. She was on vacation when I had my first one, the first week there and she called me from Florida. Nobody does that. I can’t say enough about this office. Dr. Blitz really gave me my feet back. I couldn’t stand on my own feet before. I really couldn’t and now I can. He’s perfect.

Taylor: Bunion Surgery

Taylor: Bunion Surgery

My feet look beautiful. I never thought my feet would as good as they do now, they are perfect.

Taylor (and her mother) traveled from Duluth for Bunionplasty® on both feet because the recovery would allow her to walk in a small surgical shoe without casts and crutches. They traveled because they feel Dr. Blitz is the best bunion bunion surgeon in the Untied States, and are happy with the result.

Tera – Hi, my name is Tera and we traveled here from Minnesota to have Bunion Surgery.

Taylor – I never thought that my feet would look the way they do now. There perfect.

Tera – So Tayler had both of her feed done and she also had a correction on malunion 3rd toe that she had previous surgeries on that did not go very well.

Taylor – I definitely think I made the right decision by coming to New York to have Bunion Surgery.

Tera – We found Dr. Blitz by searching on the internet for someone who is considered an expert in Bunion Surgery. Dr. Blitz has a very personable way with the patients and both Taylor and I felt that meeting him fit both our expectations right off the bat and his follow up care is tremendous and we can say we have never had that experience with a surgeon or doctor before.

I would say the Travel experience actually went quite well. Everything came together very quickly and with how quickly it went, it was actually a very easy trip to plan.

Taylor – Yea, I would do it again! My feet look beautiful!

Kimberly: Revision Toe Surgery

Kimberly: Revision Toe Surgery

Prior toe surgery left my toes noticeably short... Dr. Blitz made my toes perfect and recommend him to anyone

Kimberly had previous hammer toe surgery that resulting in severe shortening of two of her toes, that was both painful and unsightly. Dr. Blitz performed the best revision hammer toe surgery to lengthen her toes and she is very happy with the result and is no longer embarrassed about her feet.

Hi, my name is Kimberly and I’m a patient of Dr. Blitz. I came because I wanted to lengthen my toes that were short and he did a great job.

The prior surgery I had, they were left really short. Noticeably short and I did not like it. I was embarrassed. I wouldn’t wear sandals. I didn’t want to show my feet because they were very noticeable.

Actually, as soon as I got off the cast, I was so amazed. I just showed my feet. I wore sandals, I wore slippers. I wasn’t ashamed. I wouldn’t keep looking at it anymore.

Nobody noticed anything wrong with my feet as before they would ask me if I was born with short toes and things like that. No one noticed a difference. It was great. It was perfect.

I found Dr. Blitz online. I Googled the best New York City foot doctor and his name came up.

Yes, I would recommend Dr. Blitz to everyone. I recommend him to everyone who has issues with their feet. Anything, toes, anything… I recommend him to everyone I know that needs something done to their feet.

Judith: Bunion Surgery

Judith: Bunion Surgery

My feet look great and am thrilled with the results... Anyone around the world, I would suggest that you fly to this country and come to Dr. Blitz

Judith underwent Bunionplasty® Bunion Surgery on both feet. She was walking after the surgery with a small surgical bunion shoe (No Cast No Crutches™). She is happy with the results – both looks and function.

Hi, my name is Judith. I had Bunion surgery done to both of my feet by Dr. Blitz.

I had been searching a long time for a surgeon and I saw one surgeon before Dr. Blitz and when I found him I realized he was the right person because I was trying to get it done the non-invasive way.

Dr. Blitz is a great doctor. His bed-side manner is unbelievable. He is a great surgeon. He makes you feel very comfortable before and after surgery. He is very attentive.

After the surgery, I was wearing a small surgical shoe for about 6 weeks and my feet look great. I’m thrilled with the results.

Anyone around the world, I would strongly suggest you fly to this country and come to Dr. Blitz.

Madelyn: Pediatric Bunion

Madelyn: Pediatric Bunion

It was worth the travel for the peace of mind that your child has been operated on by someone that really cares

After a nationwide search, parents of Madelyn travel to NYC from Georgia for surgical treatment of a very painful pediatric bunion.

I’m from South Georgia and we traveled to New York to have surgery with Dr. Blitz for my daughter Madelyn who’s ten with bunions.

Bunions are kind of rare for children of that age, and so I made phone call after phone call to all the major hospitals in our area. I had a hard time finding someone that felt comfortable working with a child of this age with the growth plate issue like she has. So I got on the internet and I searched and searched and every single topic that I pulled–

Dr. Blitz has been so good. He’s not only a knowledgeable physician, he’s also a good person. And I cannot say enough about, you know, it’s worth the travel to get there for the peace of mind that your child is being operated on by somebody that really cares.

Traveling to New York for foot surgery was actually very simple. We visited Dr. Blitz in his office before the surgery. We had surgery at Mount Sinai, everyone there was wonderful, we had wonderful patient care. We stayed in a hotel nearby and we actually had Dr. Blitz visit us in our hotel room the day after surgery. And then before we flew back out, we visited him again and I just can’t say enough about the continual patient care.

Madelyn has so enjoyed working with Dr. Blitz. He’s very kind, he’s very caring, he’s funny, he just has a wonderful bedside manner.

I will definitely be back. Madelyn needs her inner foot operated on in the future. I will be back and I would recommend Dr. Blitz to anyone.

Laura: Revision Bunion Surgery

Laura: Revision Bunion Surgery

Within the first few minutes, I realized that Dr. Blitz was the person who I wanted to work on my feet

Laura traveled from Florida for major revision bunion surgery as her first surgery resulted in a nonfunctional short big toe. Dr. Blitz performed a revision Lapidus bunionectomy and now her toe is well aligned and functioning.

Hi. My name’s Laura. I traveled from Tampa to New York to see Dr. Blitz. I had a failed lapidus bunion surgery a year ago.

Before coming to New York, my big toe was very stiff. It wasn’t moving. It was much shorter than the other toes and I had a large bump on the base of my big toe, which caused me, I felt like I was walking on a golf ball every day.

I found Dr. Blitz on the Internet and did a lot of research and found that he was one of three specialists that performed revision bunion surgery.

Dr. Blitz thoroughly explained to me what the issue was and lengthened my big toe and positioned it to where it should have been originally.

Dr. Blitz is great. He — during the first visit, actually during the first phone call, he made me feel very comfortable. It’s very important. At least I felt that it was very important for Dr. Blitz to explain everything to me in detail and within the first few minutes, I realized that Dr. Blitz was the person who I wanted to work on my feet.

My foot looks normal. It feels normal and the toes are in the right spot. I actually feel that this is the foot I should have had when I was born.

The travel to New York was very easy and it was a non-stop flight from Tampa to New York. And once I was at the airport, LaGuardia, it’s very easy to get a cab to Manhattan. It’s about a 30-minute cab ride. So overall, everything was very simple for someone who was coming from out of town.

I recommend you do the research, look at all the articles, look at the testimonials online, compare every physician to each other and I believe you’ll find that Dr. Blitz has the most information published for an informed patient. So don’t be hesitant. Realize that there’s still so much to do in life. You’ve got to have faith and just take that next step.

Nicole: Hammer Toe Surgery

Nicole: Hammer Toe Surgery

I feel happy with the results.... they really look and feel beautiful."

Nicole had hammer toe surgery with Dr. Blitz and is very pleased with how her feet look and feel. She is back to wearing her favorite shoes all around New York City.

My name is Nicole and I had hammer toes surgery with Dr. Blitz On my left and my right foot. I was up and back to my “normal” daily activities a couple days later. I enjoyed the people in the office and felt like I was part of the family. I enjoyed the outcome of my surgery on both of my toes. Currently its winter here in New York City and I’m wearing closes toed shoes with no problem. It’s been about 6 months from the 2nd surgery and about 7 months from the 1st surgery.

I love my shoes! They feel so much better. I’m not in pain anymore when I wear my shoes. I can wear any shoe that fits… looks amazing on my foot. I feel happy with the results. I love getting pedicures now and I love showing my feet now. They really do look and feel beautiful and I’m very pleased with the results and Thank You Dr. Blitz.

I found Dr. Blitz on Google. I typed in best podiatrist in New York City and first an advert came up that was Dr. Blitz. My google search and my experience really do meet and live up to the expectation to being the best podiatrist in New York City. Dr. Blitz is an amazing podiatrist. He’s very professional, very courteous, and very down to earth. He was always on time for our appointments, even if I was not. He did an amazing job. You can barely see the scars on my feet.

The office manager, Cheer Alvarez is amazing. She is very accommodating both with myself or the questions that I have had or helping me with my insurance company or scheduling me for an appointment when we couldn’t get our schedules to synch. The experience overall has just been wonderful. I give it an A+.

If you have to travel for foot surgery, I would definitely recommend the staff and Dr. Blitz here. I think that beyond the quality of care that the service you get from the team also makes it world class and worth coming here for.