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Judy: Bunion Surgery

Judy: Bunion Surgery

Dr. Blitz fixed my foot perfectly, whereas a I couldn't even find a doctor in Canada to do it. With Dr. Blitz allowed me to walk and be mobile.

Judy traveled from Canada for Revision Bunion Surgery/Revision Hammer Toe Surgery and Bunionplasty®. Both feet were corrected at the same time. Dr. Blitz’ surgery allowed her to walk immediately on both feet while her previous surgery involved casts and crutches/wheelchair.

My name is Judy and I came from Calvary Alberta Canada for revision surgery on one foot and for surgery on the other foot.

I’m very, very, very pleased with the results. I had a very good experience here. Dr. Blitz treated me wonderfully and his staff and the end result is excellent.

I found Dr. Blitz, actually, on the internet and I did a lot of research. I was looking at different sites and different reviews and that’s basically how I found him. Through references, it seemed to be the way to go.

So, I had surgery done in Canada and my left toe popped up to the point where I couldn’t even wear shoes anymore. So it wasn’t done properly… The bunion as well.

And Dr. Blitz actually had to lengthen the toe and fix it up basically and he did it perfectly whereas in Canada, I couldn’t find one to do it.

Having surgery the second time was a lot different than the first time because the first time I had bunion in Canada, I couldn’t weight bearer for 6 to 8 weeks. I was on crutches or a wheelchair… whichever devise I was using. Whereas with Dr. Blitz, I got a Lapidus plate put in which allowed me to walk and pretty much be mobile.

Dr. Blitz is very professional. He made me feel much at ease. I was very nervous when i first decided to do the surgery. He made me feel so much at ease. I could call the office and talk to the office manager who also made me at ease.

I felt like I was in very good care and the day of the surgery, I knew everything was going to be just fine.

So traveling to New York for the surgery was actually a lot easier than I imagined it would be. Recovering in a Hotel room was wonderful. The care that I got here was fantastic.

I actually think coming to New York, getting your surgery done by Dr. Blitz is the best thing you can do if you’ve got any kind of bunion or foot problem.

I’m very happy with the results of Dr. Blitz’ surgery and I would be happy to be a reference to anybody who is thinking of doing this surgery.

It’s definitely worth taking the trip here and getting it done and getting it done right.

Laura: Revision Bunion Surgery

Laura: Revision Bunion Surgery

Within the first few minutes, I realized that Dr. Blitz was the person who I wanted to work on my feet

Laura traveled from Florida for major revision bunion surgery as her first surgery resulted in a nonfunctional short big toe. Dr. Blitz performed a revision Lapidus bunionectomy and now her toe is well aligned and functioning.

Hi. My name’s Laura. I traveled from Tampa to New York to see Dr. Blitz. I had a failed lapidus bunion surgery a year ago.

Before coming to New York, my big toe was very stiff. It wasn’t moving. It was much shorter than the other toes and I had a large bump on the base of my big toe, which caused me, I felt like I was walking on a golf ball every day.

I found Dr. Blitz on the Internet and did a lot of research and found that he was one of three specialists that performed revision bunion surgery.

Dr. Blitz thoroughly explained to me what the issue was and lengthened my big toe and positioned it to where it should have been originally.

Dr. Blitz is great. He — during the first visit, actually during the first phone call, he made me feel very comfortable. It’s very important. At least I felt that it was very important for Dr. Blitz to explain everything to me in detail and within the first few minutes, I realized that Dr. Blitz was the person who I wanted to work on my feet.

My foot looks normal. It feels normal and the toes are in the right spot. I actually feel that this is the foot I should have had when I was born.

The travel to New York was very easy and it was a non-stop flight from Tampa to New York. And once I was at the airport, LaGuardia, it’s very easy to get a cab to Manhattan. It’s about a 30-minute cab ride. So overall, everything was very simple for someone who was coming from out of town.

I recommend you do the research, look at all the articles, look at the testimonials online, compare every physician to each other and I believe you’ll find that Dr. Blitz has the most information published for an informed patient. So don’t be hesitant. Realize that there’s still so much to do in life. You’ve got to have faith and just take that next step.

Alanna: Revision Bunion Surgery

Alanna: Revision Bunion Surgery

I was referred to Dr. Blitz through another doctor because my case was complex

Alanna underwent revision bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz for the treatment of a hallux varus (the result of a failed bunion surgery). After surgery with Dr. Blitz, her big toe is now properly positioned. It looks good and functions properly.

Hi, my name is Alana, and I came to Dr. Neil Blitz for a revision surgery. I had a bunionectomy when I as 12 years old, which then led to a hallux valgus at, I guess, 18 and then I had the same procedure done as of recently with Dr. Neil Blitz. So he had to revise everything, and get it all back together.

I was referred to Dr. Blitz through another doctor because my case was kind of complex and he has worked on procedures such as mine, and I wanted it to be successful this time.

I’m very happy with the way things turned out. My foot looks great, the toe is back in place and the structure of my foot looks amazing.

Dr. Blitz has been a great surgeon and also a great doctor. He’s done really well with the follow-ups and also with being personable.

If you’re looking for a surgery and you’re doing a search online, Dr. Blitz is a great place to go to. He’s a wonderful doctor.

For people that are looking for reconstructive foot surgery, Dr. Blitz is one of the best doctors, and I really highly recommend him for any kind of reconstructive surgery.

At the end of the day, I realized that Dr. Blitz was going to be the right choice for me.