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Rebecca: Bunion Surgery

Rebecca: Bunion Surgery

I came from Shanghai... I'm so glad I waited to have Bunion Surgery because I ended up finding the best bunion surgeon. Dr. Blitz has transformed my life

Rebecca traveled 7400 miles from Shanghai to have Bunionplasty® Bunion Surgery by Dr. Blitz. She was able to walk immediately after surgery in a small surgical shoe. She is extremely happy with her result and says the Dr. Blitz gave her a new foot

My name is Rebecca. I traveled from Shanghai. I had one research on Dr. Blitz. I had gone to numerous websites, read blogs, and all his reviews were phenomenal. And, so why I selected Dr. Blitz, was so many international patients that sought him for his professional expertise and what he did was amazing.

It was a treatment that I should have done 10 years before but I’m so glad I had waited to do it now. I had heard horror stories of other friends; acquaintances that had done the same surgery and they had just felt horrible pain. The results were horrible that something so aesthetically unattractive and were pretty embarrassed to talk about had returned. Something so natural as having not only aesthetically pretty feet, but also feet that are also uncomfortable. And so, Dr. Blitz, the office, the hospital, everything was just incredible and I would recommend him to anybody and everybody.

From the moment we spoke on the phone to the moment I met him, has been superb. You cannot ask for anything more. Also too, we are very self-conscious, especially with something so unattractive like a bunion. His way of handling me and his delicate nature is just incredible and it’s exactly what you want. You want someone to be as delicate and thoughtful and just, like I said, he was very warm and made you feel at ease the moment that he met you/met me.

I had waited almost 15 years to get a surgery that I should have done and I waited and I waited for multiple reasons. I was embarrassed, I was very self-conscious. I was also afraid of the pain. And so, there were numerous reasons why I did not want to do the surgery. But I’m so glad that I waited because I ended up finding the best. And so what I recommend for those of you out there that are thinking about it that are on the fence about getting it, don’t wait any longer. He has literally transformed my life.

Just being able to wear normal shoes and not being self-conscious and pain free is, like I said, has changed my life.

Roula: Bunion

Roula: Bunion

I come from Jordan and travelled all the way to do the surgery with Dr. Blitz

Roula (and her husband) traveled 6000 miles from Jordan to New York City for Bunion Surgery with Dr. Blitz. She had both feet repaired with the Bunionplasty® procedure.

My name is Roula. I, I come from Jordan. I traveled all the way to do this surgery with Dr. Blitz. Actually I was very fortunate to locate Dr. Blitz through the, my, my online research. Our visit you know, to New York was one of the best—decisions.

Yes really this time cause we had a pleasant time, plus we, I did my surgery. Actually all the people I talked they say, they said why don’t you go to the states and do your surgery there? I would recommend people coming here and doing the surgery. I was coming here to do one foot and ended up doing two. So I’m really happy with it. I’m really pleased.

Even though we are international clients this is very difficult for, for, for us to travel to, to pay the expenses of a doctor, and to, to you know, you have sometimes when you, you come from other countries and other cultures you have doubts and, and certain issues. But you know, as we, as we, we communicate with his office, with the clinic we thought, we felt that there was some sort of relief because it was proficient.

I do recommend the people coming to you if they need foot surgery. Really it was a smooth procedure. The, the meeting, the first meeting was great. We had, we had all, all our answers, I mean all our, we had all our questions answered and we had the procedure explained to us. And the surgery went excellent. The pain was almost, I can say none.

You know we could have gone to Mayo Clinic, to John Hopkins, we have alternatives and we have all the, you know, the means to, to do that. We could have I, I was supporting her with all the you know, and the decisions that she would take I would, I would definitely support her on that. But she choose Dr. Blitz for the, for the procedure and then she, she was hesitant to, to go for two feet together. And after she met Dr. Blitz she chose to do the two together, which means a lot of confidence in, in his capabilities. I think, I think definitely this has a great impact on, on someone like Roula. She is a very cautious person. She, she, you know, she Google’s thousands of doctors. Once she takes a decision it’s definitely the right decision, so she took that decision.

Well Dr. Blitz was our best option, and we flew here. And–

The trust starts from, from the beginning. I mean you, you start, you make a phone call. We made some phone calls in Jordan sometimes; I don’t want to be negative about the physicians and doctors in Jordan. Because we have the best physicians in Jordan, but you felt from the beginning when, when, we felt from the beginning when we talked to, to here on the phone there was a sense of seriousness in taking our phone call seriously. We felt that there is some sort of high professionalism. And, and, and the appointments and the, the dedicated time by the doctor and his staff, it seems like it is not usually actually for us to, to find such, such–Yeah and the phone calls. Well I trusted Dr. Blitz.