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Rebecca: Bunion Surgery

Rebecca: Bunion Surgery

I came from Shanghai... I'm so glad I waited to have Bunion Surgery because I ended up finding the best bunion surgeon. Dr. Blitz has transformed my life

Rebecca traveled 7400 miles from Shanghai to have Bunionplasty® Bunion Surgery by Dr. Blitz. She was able to walk immediately after surgery in a small surgical shoe. She is extremely happy with her result and says the Dr. Blitz gave her a new foot

My name is Rebecca. I traveled from Shanghai. I had one research on Dr. Blitz. I had gone to numerous websites, read blogs, and all his reviews were phenomenal. And, so why I selected Dr. Blitz, was so many international patients that sought him for his professional expertise and what he did was amazing.

It was a treatment that I should have done 10 years before but I’m so glad I had waited to do it now. I had heard horror stories of other friends; acquaintances that had done the same surgery and they had just felt horrible pain. The results were horrible that something so aesthetically unattractive and were pretty embarrassed to talk about had returned. Something so natural as having not only aesthetically pretty feet, but also feet that are also uncomfortable. And so, Dr. Blitz, the office, the hospital, everything was just incredible and I would recommend him to anybody and everybody.

From the moment we spoke on the phone to the moment I met him, has been superb. You cannot ask for anything more. Also too, we are very self-conscious, especially with something so unattractive like a bunion. His way of handling me and his delicate nature is just incredible and it’s exactly what you want. You want someone to be as delicate and thoughtful and just, like I said, he was very warm and made you feel at ease the moment that he met you/met me.

I had waited almost 15 years to get a surgery that I should have done and I waited and I waited for multiple reasons. I was embarrassed, I was very self-conscious. I was also afraid of the pain. And so, there were numerous reasons why I did not want to do the surgery. But I’m so glad that I waited because I ended up finding the best. And so what I recommend for those of you out there that are thinking about it that are on the fence about getting it, don’t wait any longer. He has literally transformed my life.

Just being able to wear normal shoes and not being self-conscious and pain free is, like I said, has changed my life.

Diana: Bunion Surgery

Diana: Bunion Surgery

I can't tell you how thankful I am. I'm a sales person in New York City....I was back to work in a few days. It was nothing but a delightful experience... and Dr. Blitz gave me my pretty feet.

Diana, a sales person in New York City, underwent Bunionplasty® bunion surgery on both feet. She was walking after her surgery in a small surgical shoe (No Cast No Crutches™). Diana is very happy with her outcome.

Hi, I’m Diana and I had surgery with Dr. Blitz. It has been a phenomenal experience. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to him and his staff for the wonderful experience I had.

My biggest fear about doing the surgery was the fact that I was told I would have to be in a cast for several weeks. I’m sale’s person in New York City. My job is to run around the city and meet with clients.

Coming to Dr. Blitz, he told me I would be walking in a surgical shoe the next couple of days. I didn’t quite believe him, but I was back to work in a few days and going back to the normal things I normally am doing.

I remember 10 years ago, someone looking down at my feet and asking, “hey, what is that on your toe” and I didn’t even know I had blood bunions. It was a comment that stuck with me. It was a downward spiral emotionally and physically because eventually, I started to feel that pain.

About 2 years ago, I started to research for a doctor that could perform surgery on me, but I came across nothing but horror stories. I actually met a couple women who had the surgery, and she said “don’t do it, it was the worst thing they had ever done because [they] had so many complications”, and so I stopped my search.

About a year ago, the pain just got progressively worse where I would jump out of bed and the pain would just shoot up my feet and it was so much to deal with that I decided to start my search again. That’s when I came across Dr. Blitz. I actually searched and looked him up for 6 months and researched him over and over and over until I finally made the decision to make an appointment with him. The best decision I have made in my entire life was to make an appointment and come here.

The experience that Dr. Blitz and the staff deliver is second to none. First class all the way from the minute I walked in the door to the minute that last stitch came out. It was nothing but a delightful experience.

I am so thankful that Dr. Blitz gave me my pretty feet, or as I like to call them, my Cinderella feet… and my life back and my confidence. Thank you Dr. Blitz and your wonderful staff for making me happy.

If you have bunions and your wondering if coming to Manhattan is worth the trip, it absolutely is. Dr Blitz and his staff offer you the confidence, the support, and the service that you expect in order for you to have a delightful experience. And I am confident, that just like me, you will have a delightful experience and be thankful that you made this decision.

Meg: Tarsal Coalition Surgery

Meg: Tarsal Coalition Surgery

We came from Australia... for Tarsal Coalition Surgery. For what he's skilled and trained at doing, he's obviously the best in the world.

Meg and her family traveled from Australia for tarsal coalition surgery. They were told she had have her foot fused back home. Instead, Dr. Blitz’ advanced techniques allowed the coalition to be removed providing motion to her foot.

Russell — Hi. I’m Russell. This is Melinda, and my daughter, Meg. And we came from Australia in March 2014 to have tarsal coalition surgery with Dr. Blitz here in New York for what he’s skilled and trained at doing. He’s obviously the best in the world.

Meg had a problem with her ankle. She’s a dancer. And we were told in Australia that the problem with her ankle was one that had to go for a few years and then they’d fuse her ankle, which would stop her from dancing.

Meg — It was just like someone was stabbing me in the ankle, like a hammer. It was like bashing my bone. It was painful. And then we went to Sydney to see a surgeon over there. And he said pretty much just get another hobby, five-, in five years come back and we’ll fuse your ankle. It made me feel a bit like disappointed.

Russell — And we did a lot of research in relation to what the problem was. And the thing that came through for us was that it can be treated early, and if it is treated early in a young-, in a teenager or a young person, then obviously the likely outcome is much better. We were very impressed with Dr. Blitz who rang straight away, discussed what our options were. He was very-, he spoke in very plain English, easy to understand. He knew exactly what the problem was. And he said that he was the right man to fix it. So we made the decision to come over to get the surgery done.

Meg — Well, I was at school and Mum messaged me and she was like, we found someone in New York who can do a surgery. And I was so excited. I was like, oh, my God, let’s do it.

Russell — When we arrived in New York Melinda and Meg arrived before I did and they saw Dr. Blitz on the first day.

Melinda — Yeah, we were very comfortable–

Meg — Yeah.

Melinda — within the first five minutes of meeting Dr. Blitz. The first question he directed to us was about Meg, and about her dancing, about the problem; very easy to speak to. He explained it very well and (he was obviously…

Meg — I just feel very comfortable with him.

Melinda — That’s right.

Russell — She’s got great movement in her foot. Dr. Blitz is very happy with the way that things went. And we’re very happy as well. So glad that we did it.

Meg — Well, the second day after surgery I was like rolling my ankle, like getting movement. And I already had more movement than I did before the surgery, and it was only the second day, so I was really excited. And it feels good.

Russell — My advice to anyone who’s thinking of coming to see Dr. Blitz is don’t hesitate.

Meg — Yeah.

Russell — Make sure you send your information to them. They’ll get back to you and they’ll understand what your problem is and you will not regret it.

Melinda — I feel very relieved and so happy that–

Meg — Yeah.

Melinda — we’ve made this decision to come over here. It’s–

Meg — Yeah.

Melinda — It’s amazing. And it’s life changing I think for Meg and–

Meg — I’m very glad that we did it.

Russell — Yeah. I don’t regret one minute of it. We would absolutely recommend Dr. Blitz to anyone who has any problem with their feet or ankle.

Irene: Bunion Surgery

Irene: Bunion Surgery

As an anesthesiologist I really need to be on my feet as I move around a lot....I had both feet done in the time that another surgeon would have done one foot... Dr. Blitz changed my life.

Irene, an anesthesiologist, had large bunions that were fixed by Dr. Blitz. She is very happy with the function and outcome of her surgery. Dr. Blitz used the Orthofix Contours Lapidus Plating System to correct her bunions.

Hi, my name is Irene. I had surgery with Dr. Blitz; Bilateral Bunion Surgery, and I was delighted. He took care of my feet and changed my life.

I’m happy to say that as an anesthesiologist, I really need to be on my feet and move around a lot and my bunions were a real problem for over 10 years. They were so bad, I was embarrassed to get pedicures and Dr. Blitz was able to make them, not only beautiful, but he treated me with courteous, with professionalism, and he was absolutely charming. I couldn’t be happier.

I found Dr. Blitz, actually, through my job. I worked with him as an anesthesiologist and I saw how he took care of his patients. I saw his technique in the operating room. I saw the care that he took with his procedures and I approached him and said “Would you actually take care of me?”. And… he did. He referred me to his website. I looked at his website and I was very impressed with the level of complexity he can manage and I had some very complex bunions.

I was able to walk right after surgery. I was able to weight bare very carefully which I could not have done with other surgeons and other techniques.

I saw another surgeon who gave me possibly a 6 month timeline. There was going to be quite a bit of time on cast and crutches and I just did not have that kind of time to spend. I rely on my job and of course, my family relies on me.

I had both feet done in the time that other person had me do 1 foot. I had very little pain. I have a lot of assistance from Dr. Blitz and his staff and I couldn’t be happier.

Being a physician, I understand the importance of communication. Dr. Blitz was always available for me. If he wasn’t available, his staff could answer my questions and this was just an absolute marvelous part of the whole experience. I would recommend Dr. Blitz to anyone; particularly, if they had to travel. He’s easily accessible. He will contact you, he’ll stay in touch with you and I think if you had to have this procedure done on a shorter timeline, it would be doable and he would do a fantastic job. I recommend him to everyone.

Donna: Bunion Surgery

Donna: Bunion Surgery

I did as much research as I possibly could... and I am extremely, extremely happy I chose Dr. Blitz.

Donna had both large bunions corrected by Dr. Blitz. She could be any happier with her result. Dr. Blitz performed his Bunionplasty® bunion surgery that allowed her to walk immediately after surgery.

My name is Donna and I have had Bunion surgery on both my left and right foot with Dr. Blitz. I have to say I did as much research as I possible could before I made this choice. I took a very long time thinking about whether or not I could go through the process and I am extremely, extremely thrilled that I chose Dr. Blitz because not only do my feet look amazingly better than they had, the whole process was so much more wonderful than I had even thought it could be.

I did a lot of research online. I think I read almost every journal article I could get my fingers on about Dr. Blitz. I watched all the videos and of course, as a laymen, everything sounded great, but in the back of my mind, I said I bet some of those people were, you know, could have been set up and how do I know they are real… I am about as real as you could get.

I had never heard about Dr. Blitz from anyone seriously other than what I saw online and the process was wonderful. Everyone in the office was pleasant, made me feel comfortable, answered any one of my questions… what was most impressive was they were available 24/7 if I needed them to be and I could not give a higher recommendation for a physician. He was wonderful, very, very knowledgeable, and really not only cared for the practical end of my feet, but the emotional component which was there as well. So I thank Dr. Blitz. I thank his entire staff. I can assure anyone that is going under this process, come in for a consult, meet with them, look at your x-rays, and see what it’s all about. It was definitely a process I would go through again if I hadn’t and I’m very, very pleased with the results.

One of the most important pieces, I think, the fact that I have had other consults prior to doing this surgery. As a matter of fact, I had an appointment to go through the surgery before I decided to get another opinion and I’m so happy that I did. I was told that the process would require me to be on crutches, definitely be in a cast for at least 6 weeks, that I would be out of work for several months, and not be up on my feet for quite a bit of time. That’s one of the reasons I hesitated going through the process. Well, I’m happy to report I never had to be in a cast, that from the day I had the surgery, I was in a boot and I remained that way for the duration of the heeling process which was for 6 weeks and I was able to stand on my feet the day after I had surgery. I had both feet done 2 weeks apart and that is something that never would have been done had I gone through the first process. I was told to wait 6 months before my second foot could be addressed. That would have required me to miss an absorbanent amount of time of which I didn’t have. So, therefore, this enabled me to have both feet done and be out of work the same time it would have taken for one foot previously if I had done the original process.

I did have anesthesia, I had pain medication and I was given everything if I needed it and quite frankly, I didn’t even need to be on the pain medication for more than 1 or 2 doses because there really wasn’t a need for it. I was not required to be on crutches, although they were available to me if I needed them because I was able to stand up and put the weight on my feet. Even after the second surgery. So this p process was not only a pleasant experience to go through, but it really made me question if I didn’t go through that second opinion or second consult, would I had even gone through the surgery. So the ability to have a choi8ce, the ability to research and find out what exactly is required was very important.

So for those of you out there that may be looking at this video thinking and hearing horror stories of how long it’s going to be and needing a cast and not being able to do 2 feet, do yourself the service of at least having a consult with Dr. Blitz. Find out what he can tell you. Listen to what some of the people are telling you and make your choice with your own mind with the informed knowledge of knowing this can be done as easily as I’m telling you it is.

So again, Dr. Blitz, his process, his bunionectomy, he truly is amazing. He truly is the king of New York and all of what I read was so true. I recommend anyone to go through this process and I think you will be as pleased as I was.

Melissa: Bunion Surgery

Melissa: Bunion Surgery

I had bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz and I must say its been a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Everything was different with Dr. Blitz - his procedure was different and his recovery was different.

Melissa had Bunionplasty® Bunion Surgery with Dr. Blitz and is now “bunion free”. She was walking immediately after the surgery with a small surgical bunion shoe (No Cast No Crutches™). She is extremely pleased with her results.

Hi, my name is Melissa. I had bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz and I must say it’s been a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

I had bunion surgery about seven years ago on my right foot and I swore after doing that procedure, I would never do it again. But then I read about Dr. Blitz, and I knew I needed to do it again.

I came and met with him and I feel like everything was different with Dr. Blitz. His procedure was different, his recovery time was different, and just the whole process was different from my first experience.

With my first experience, anything that could go wrong, pretty much did go wrong. So vise it to say, I never want to do it again, but I’m glad I did because it’s been nothing but a good experience with Dr. Blitz.

I think he’s very professional. He’s very matter of fact. He will tell you exactly what he thinks and I did get a second opinion and I must say I’m very happy I came back to Dr. Blitz because I did like everything he said. I think his disposition is very warm and very professional.

I have to say from my initial call to make an appointment to all my appointments; I have had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Blitz and his staff. I have to say Cheer Alvarez is amazing. She is beyond helpful.

I’m happy to say I am bunion free. I think that my foot looks amazing. I can’t even believe there was a bunion there. I know it can be scary out there. If you’re on the internet looking for Doctor, it’s very scary. There are so many doctors’ out there, but I would honestly say, having done my research and having done this procedure before, I would highly recommend Dr. Blitz. Don’t be nervous about finding a doctor online about Dr. Blitz. You should definitely come in and meet with him and I think you will be very happy.

Elizabeth: Bunion Surgery

Elizabeth: Bunion Surgery

My foot looks great... you can see dramatic differences between how it looked before and how it looks now

Elizabeth underwent bunion surgery on both feet. Her bunions were severe due to playing soccer in her youth. Now her feet look good and feels good.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I had bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz and I’m very happy with the results. My bunions were pretty severe. I grew up playing soccer and did a lot of walking, so I was happy to be able to find a great place in Manhattan to get the surgery done. I had both of my feet operated on in a span of two months. And it’s been three months. I’m walking and the scars are minimal. And I’m very pleased with how the whole operation went and the whole process.

Dr. Blitz is an amazing surgeon. He was with me every step of the way. He explained the process. He was very receptive to my questions. And it was great. I had previous consultations and I knew, just given the other reviews from other people who’ve used Dr. Blitz, and my actual consultation with Dr. Blitz, I was very comfortable with him performing the procedure.

In other places, I was told that I may have to use a cast or use crutches, but with Dr. Blitz, all I needed was a shoe. My foot looks great. You can see dramatic differences between how it looked before and how it looks now. The pain has decreased. And I’m very happy.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Blitz to anyone who is looking for a surgeon.

Judy: Bunion Surgery

Judy: Bunion Surgery

Dr. Blitz fixed my foot perfectly, whereas a I couldn't even find a doctor in Canada to do it. With Dr. Blitz allowed me to walk and be mobile.

Judy traveled from Canada for Revision Bunion Surgery/Revision Hammer Toe Surgery and Bunionplasty®. Both feet were corrected at the same time. Dr. Blitz’ surgery allowed her to walk immediately on both feet while her previous surgery involved casts and crutches/wheelchair.

My name is Judy and I came from Calvary Alberta Canada for revision surgery on one foot and for surgery on the other foot.

I’m very, very, very pleased with the results. I had a very good experience here. Dr. Blitz treated me wonderfully and his staff and the end result is excellent.

I found Dr. Blitz, actually, on the internet and I did a lot of research. I was looking at different sites and different reviews and that’s basically how I found him. Through references, it seemed to be the way to go.

So, I had surgery done in Canada and my left toe popped up to the point where I couldn’t even wear shoes anymore. So it wasn’t done properly… The bunion as well.

And Dr. Blitz actually had to lengthen the toe and fix it up basically and he did it perfectly whereas in Canada, I couldn’t find one to do it.

Having surgery the second time was a lot different than the first time because the first time I had bunion in Canada, I couldn’t weight bearer for 6 to 8 weeks. I was on crutches or a wheelchair… whichever devise I was using. Whereas with Dr. Blitz, I got a Lapidus plate put in which allowed me to walk and pretty much be mobile.

Dr. Blitz is very professional. He made me feel much at ease. I was very nervous when i first decided to do the surgery. He made me feel so much at ease. I could call the office and talk to the office manager who also made me at ease.

I felt like I was in very good care and the day of the surgery, I knew everything was going to be just fine.

So traveling to New York for the surgery was actually a lot easier than I imagined it would be. Recovering in a Hotel room was wonderful. The care that I got here was fantastic.

I actually think coming to New York, getting your surgery done by Dr. Blitz is the best thing you can do if you’ve got any kind of bunion or foot problem.

I’m very happy with the results of Dr. Blitz’ surgery and I would be happy to be a reference to anybody who is thinking of doing this surgery.

It’s definitely worth taking the trip here and getting it done and getting it done right.

Kate: Bunion Surgery

Kate: Bunion Surgery

I traveled here from Rhode Island....My recovery after bunion surgery was that I was up and walking the next day.

Kate underwent bunion surgery on both feet with Dr. Blitz. She traveled from Rhode Island because she needed to be walking right after surgery, which she was with Dr. Blitz Bunionplasty® using the Contours Lapidus Plating System. She is extremely happy with the appearance of her foot as well as the functional outcome.

Hi, my name is Kate and had Bunion Surgery on both feet with Dr. Blitz.

I had read about the recovery and the differences between traditional bunion surgery and Dr. Blitz’ bunion surgery and I( thought even if it was half as good as what everyone was saying, it would be worth it. It completely exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think there was any way I would be back on my feet, participating with my daughter, that I would be at work and every single thing you heard about it was the truth. It was so surprising to me that it was so seamless and lawless.

I traveled here from Rhode Island. I was skeptical at first about having surgery out of state but the really wonderful part about this experience was the help and support I got from the office staff. They really made it easy for me to feel like everything was taken care of. It was easy to get in and out of here because your walking right away, you’re not as hard up as you think you’re going to be. Your walking around New York with a walking shoe and it’s your feet and they hold up your entire body so traveling a few hours and making a few trips here was a really small price to pay for getting this done the right way.

My recovery was… I was up and walking the next day. My nerves probably took over better than my foot was capable of. When I actually put weight on it, I literally thought my leg was going to break, I stood on it and I was fine… I was walking. I was walking around the apartment. I walked in here for my follow up surgery on Monday. I was sitting next to a woman who was walking and we both looked at each other like “your walking right… this is incredible that we are up and at em.” You don’t think it’s true, but you do. I was at work comfortably, no crutches in a walking shoe doing my job, living my life almost as normal as before.

Coming here and doing my research and meeting with Dr. Blitz or the first time and understanding the possibility of being able to get back on my feet, I was completely… and I did all my research, ALL of my research and I was skeptical. But it was too good to pass up and I’m so happy I did it this way because everyone told me the same answer. There wasn’t any deviation in anyone’s story except for coming here and getting this done.

It’s like different feet. My family, who has bunions forever, my 8 aunts and my mother… We just stare at my feet. I take more pictures of my feet at this point than I do of my daughter.

I would say about Dr. Blitz, if that you’re the least bit interested and persuaded by what’s going on here, you gotta come. It’s the best experience you’re ever going to have. Dr. Blitz, throughout this whole process, has explained everything, done everything he said he was going to do, and delivered a result I didn’t even think was possible and made this so easy and comfortable and possible for me to actually do. I couldn’t be happier about my experience here and everything I have been through with Dr. Blitz and the whole staff here.

Vincent: Bunion Surgery

Vincent: Bunion Surgery

A-1 experience! I was walking 2 days after surgery and amazed how quick I was able to get back on my feet.

Vincent is very happy with his Bunionplasty® with Dr. Blitz. He discusses how he was able to walk immediately after surgery without the need for any casts. As an engineer, Vincent tells why he thinks Dr. Blitz’ techniques are the best.

Hi my name is Vincent and I’m 40 years old and I had a bunionectomy with Dr. Blitz. I’m a Mechanical Engineer and interesting story how I met Dr. Blitz … I previously scheduled a bunionectomy with another doctor and after finding some information out about the doctor, I decided to get a second opinion. I went to a second surgeon and they recommended a completely different procedure than what the first doctor had recommended. So I was in a little bit of confusion as to which surgery I should get. Needless to say, the third surgeon I went to see what Dr. Blitz and I wasn’t expecting to have surgery with Dr. Blitz, I was just looking for a third opinion. But after hearing from Dr. Blitz and how his surgery differs from other surgeons surgeries, I immediately signed the papers and within a week, 2 weeks actually, I had the surgery done with Dr. Blitz and I was extremely happy with the results.

The difference between Dr. Blitz and other doctor’s is r. Blitz uses a plate that allows the bones to heal while you’re able to walk. I literally was walking 2 days after my surgery, I went from crutches right to walking. Because I had two conflicting opinions with two different surgeons, I did a bunch more research across the internet and I happen to come across a video of a woman who was extremely happy about the surgery Dr. Blitz performed and was extremely happy with Dr. Blitz. So I immediately went on Dr. Blitz’ website and I was impressed. Again, I’m an mechanical engineer, so I’m very technical. I was impressed with all the information Dr. Blitz had on his website and after looking at that and some other YouTube videos; I knew Dr. Blitz was the guy to see. He does a lot of people from overseas…

Dr. Blitz… you know, his bedside manner is different from other doctors. A lot of times, you come into a doctor’s office, you get rushed. I had a lot of questions to ask and Dr. Blitz took his time and answered all of my questions. His staff was amazing and made me feel very comfortable. I actually enjoy coming into his office and just chatting with him about different things. He explains everything. I had a bunch of questions about the foot anatomy. The different type of procedures and the way you can actually fix the foot and Dr. Blitz was just great about giving me some props. He has a lot of stuff in his office to demonstrate the plate he uses to allow the bones to mend and other things. Unbelievable, A-1 experience.

When I seen the other doctors, the procedure they wanted me to do involved cutting the bones and the bones would have to heel. So what the doctors recommended was putting me in a cast for 6 weeks so I wouldn’t be able to do anything. When I seen Dr. Blitz, I wasn’t really expecting Dr. Blitz to tell me I would be able to immediately walk after surgery. I was extremely happy to find out the way Dr. Blitz approaches his surgeries using a plate allowing the bones to mend and allow you to put a load on your foot just blew me away and literally, I was so happy to be able to get back to my normal activities within a week, I was able to go back to work within a week. I was walking on my foot 2 days after surgery and going upstairs and going down stairs… I was just amazed how fast I was able to get back on my feet.

One of the other reasons I was extremely happy with using Dr. Blitz for my surgery is unlike a regular podiatrist, Dr. Blitz pretty much specializes in foot surgery. So he’s doing a tremendous amount of surgeries. It’s not like he does it once a month, he’s doing many, many surgeries and he’s doing complicated surgeries.

So you want to see a surgeon that has a tremendous amount of experience and has a lot of volume of surgeries. So, people who are looking to get back on their feet… let’s face it, you’re on your feet all the time. If you’re an active person, it’s key to have a health foot and to make sure your surgery goes the way it’s expected to go. So for those folks who are traveling overseas and want an awesome doctor, it’s well worth to pay the extra plane fare to come over and get it done right the first time and to get back on your feet within a couple days as opposed to seeing a doctor locally who may not do the right job and may have your foot screwed up for the rest of your life. So it’s important to see a surgeon that will deliver what he says he will deliver.

After surgery, I was actually; taking pictures of my foot and showing my friends and family and folks really couldn’t believe I had just had surgery done on my foot. Dr. Blitz uses an approach to mending the wound with surgical stitches so he takes extreme care in the aesthetics of the foot and how it’s going to look after surgery in addition to this surgical procedure itself. So he takes great care in making sure the incision is nice and smooth and it’s aesthetically pleasing once it’s over and definitely a testament to that is all the comments I’ve received from folks I’ve shared my foot experience with and said “Wow! I can’t believe you’ve had surgery 6 weeks ago. This looks amazing.” So I’m extremely happy with how my foot actually turned out.