Foot Surgery Success Stories

We could not have asked for a more caring, knowledgeable or experienced surgeon…

In late 2013, our daughter was having trouble and pain in her ankle from time to time and had to have some time off dancing. Our physio referred us for an MRI scan which diagnosed a tarsal coalition. We searched the Internet and found that a surgeon in New York – Dr Neal Blitz, provided the most informative information regarding the condition and treatment. We sought local advice and treatment first.

We consulted initially with a sports physician in Brisbane who had a reputation of being excellent with sports injuries and athletes. His advice to us was that her condition was one that meant that she could no longer dance in the long term and that she should just enjoy it while she can but to concentrate on other options for her life. He put her in a moon boot for a few weeks, which relieved the symptoms, but when she started dancing again the pain returned.

We then consulted with two Orthopedic Surgeons, one in Brisbane and one in Sydney. Both were of the view that she should enjoy dancing while she can and when the injury became too painful to come back and they would remove the coalition and fuse her ankle, practically ending her dance career.

We went back to the Internet. We consulted with a surgeon in San Francisco who had a website which resonated with us – he said that if other Drs have said – get another hobby (which we had been told) then see him for a second opinion. He was very helpful and we had a Skype appointment with him. When we mentioned Dr Blitz he said that he was the “guru” for ankle problems and that we should rely on his advice and go with him if we could.

We initially sent off an email to Dr Blitz over the Internet. To our surprise Dr Blitz called us within a day to discuss our daughters problem. He was very clear and concise as to what he saw the problem as and requested the scans be sent to him. We sent him the report from the scans and he called and said that he knew exactly what the problem was and that he could assist us. It was easy to make arrangements with Dr Blitz and his secretary Cheer and he had us scheduled for surgery within weeks.

My wife and daughter travelled a day before me to New York and consulted with Dr Blitz. He made them feel very comfortable and explained the condition and the treatment. They felt very comfortable with Dr Blitz immediately and confident in his ability to diagnose the problem and perform the surgery. I arrived the next day and again it was no problem at all for Dr Blitz to explain the processes and the condition. We immediately felt very comfortable with Dr Blitz and his communication with us was excellent. The procedure was performed in a day surgery centre and went very well. The staff, anesthetist and nurses arranged by Dr Blitz at the Mid Town Surgical Centre were exceptionally professional and caring. Dr Blitz arranged for us to have a nurse at the Hotel and then visited the Hotel himself to remove the drain and make sure that our daughter was comfortable. We then visited him a couple of times in the ensuing days and he was welcoming and spent as much time with us as we needed. He referred us to a physical therapist that specialized in dancers who treated our daughter before we returned to Australia and made sure we were aware of the type of treatment we needed to undertake for her recovery.

We could not have asked for a more caring, knowledgeable or experienced surgeon than Dr Blitz. Both he and his assistant Cheer were always available for any advice or reassurance we needed, whenever we needed it. The surgery was exceptional and we could not have expected any better outcome for our daughter and to give her the best chance to pursue her dance career. Dr Blitz is clearly a world authority on injuries and conditions of the feet and we have no hesitation in recommending him without reservation.


At last, I am healed!

Dear Dr. Blitz,

At last, through your skilled hands, I am healed! To be given such a sense of well being and wholeness, after years of suffering is beyond thank you.

Gone is the pain. Gone are the crooked toes. Gone are the ugly red bunions. Gone are the boxy shoes and orthopedic sneakers. All gone! Now, I can stand tall on my nice feet, once again.

You were not the first surgeon that I spoke with but the one i finally chose. I liked the way you handled my feet, as you examined them with attention, care and concern. I gain confidence as you simply explained what could be done with my feet (end stage arthritis and moderate arthritis and bunion in left big toe joint.) You explained, with confidence, all alternatives without pushing me into a quick decision.

My primary doctor said you had years of successful experience. So you were the one who preformed the surgery, removing the bone spurs and straightened my toe.

I wish my grand mother was still around to meet with you. All she had for her bunions was epsom salt and prayer. I would of trusted her to you.

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My Foot is Pain Free & Pretty

Dear Dr. Blitz,

Thank you for making my left foot pain free and pretty! Your level of skill & care set you apart from the others & I feel fortunate to have found you.  I am so happy with the result, I actually look forward to having my right foot done next!

All the Best,


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“Don’t be afraid, Dr. Blitz is the best!”

IR Facebook Review

“My foot is totally reliable thanks to Dr. Blitz”

EV Google Review

“Dear Dr. Superman Blitz”

Dear Dr. Superman Blitz –

“Thank you for everything you have done for my foot surgery and recovery.  You are truly a gifted surgeon.  You have gone above and beyond and I am looking forward to this big change in lifestyle.  You mean so much to my mom and me.  We are so thankful for everything you have provided for us!”

Happy Holidays & Much Love,

Brooke & Charmaine

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“Traveled from the UK to have Dr. Blitz fix my daughters foot”

“I traveled from the UK, with my daughter, to have revision foot surgery with Dr. Blitz.  My daughter had failed surgery on both of her feet and surgeons here could not help her.  They told me that my daughters foot pain was psychological.  Fortunately, we found Dr. Blitz who fixed my daughters feet and now she is much better and we are eternally grateful.  My daughter was able to attend her prom in heels.”


Dr. Blitz and E&K

“Thank you is never enough”

“Thank you very much Dr. Blitz for fixing my daughters foot and making her moving comfortable and happy to act normal like all other kids her age. Actually the word thank you is never enough and we all love you and recommend you to anyone with foot problems.”


“Put me at ease”

“Dr. Neal Blitz did extensive surgery on my left foot. It was a success. Dr. Blitz is one the most kind, compassionate doctors I ever had dealings with. He is patient and very efficient. Before my operation, he let me know exactly what he was going to do and really put me at ease. I’ve had so much trouble with the foot I was really depressed. He’s the best and has my vote.”


“My life has been dramatically improved”

“I would like to commend Dr. Neal M. Blitz, a fantastic surgeon. I was fortunate to locate Dr. Blitz through my online research after receiving two previous medical opinions from surgeons. My research of the Lapidus Arthrodesis [Lapidus Bunionectomy] led me to a couple of articles written by Dr. Blitz. After my first meeting with Dr. Blitz, I knew I found the right surgeon for me. His knowledge and insight made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. In addition, he really took the time to explain the various procedures to me and he answered all of my questions thoughtfully. I never felt rushed to make a decision or pressured in any way which was refreshing. I honestly felt like he had my best interest at heart.
I am happy to say that I am eight months into my recovery and my life has been dramatically improved since having my foot surgery. But the most important aspect to me that I am living almost completely pain free in my left foot for the first time in more that 20 years thanks to Dr. Blitz. I am so very grateful and thankful that I found Dr. Blitz!”