Peroneal Tendon Rupture Surgery

Understand best techniques to repair a ruptured peroneus longus or peroneus brevis tendon. Dr. Blitz is a leading expert on peroneal tendon reconstruction.

Ankle Fracture Surgery

An ankle fracture (broken ankle) means that one or more of the ankle bones are broken. Learn best ankle fracture surgery techniques to fix the broken bones.

Ankle Arthritis Surgery

Ankle Arthritis is a painful condition of ankle joint cartilage degeneration. Learn about ankle fusion, ankle replacement and the best ankle surgery techniques

Triple Arthrodesis for Foot Arthritis

What Is Foot Arthritis? Find out the symptoms, causes, recovery and risks of Arthritis Surgery; Understand the best surgery. Information from Dr. Blitz NYC

Achilles Repair

Understand the different Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair methods and which is the best for your tear. Dr. Neal Blitz specializes in Achilles Repair in Manhattan

Flat Foot Surgery

What is Flat Foot? Learn symptoms, causes and risks of Flat Foot Surgery. Also find out when to seek Flat Foot treatment. Choose Dr. Blitz As Your Foot Surgeon.

Revision Bunion Surgery

What is Failed Bunion Surgery? Get information on how to surgically repair a recurrent bunion and a big toe problem (Hallux Varus).

High Heel Foot Makeover

What foot conditions do high heels and pointy-toed shoes cause? When do you seek a high heel foot makeover? Why Choose Dr. Blitz As Your Foot Surgeon?

Revision Hammer Toe Surgery

Failed hammer toe surgery can cause a short, unstable, stiff, floppy and ugly toe. Dr. Blitz in Manhattan specializes in complex revision hammer toe surgery.