Peroneal Tendon Rupture Surgery

What Is A Peroneal Tendon Rupture? The peroneal tendons are important stabilizing tendons located on the outside of the ankle.  There are two peroneal tendons: peroneal longus and peroneus brevis.  They both form from two distinct muscles of the outer lower leg, curve around the backside of the outer ankle (behind the fibula ankle bone), then… Read more »

Bunionplasty® procedure (Aesthetic Bunion Surgery)

  What Is A Bunionplasty® & procedure Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery? Dr. Blitz , Bunion King™, is the creator of the Bunionplasty® No Casts No Crutches™ (plastic surgery for bunions) – a revolutionary procedure using patented and/or advanced modern technology* that allows for immediate walking after surgery focusing on an aesthetic outcome with hidden and/or… Read more »

Ankle Fracture Surgery

What Is An Ankle Fracture? An ankle fracture (or broken ankle) means that one or more of the ankle bones are broken. A fracture is synonymous with a break. The ankle is made up two leg bones (the tibia and fibula) and one foot bone (talus). Fracture of the leg portion of the ankle joint… Read more »

Ankle Arthritis Surgery

What Is Ankle Arthritis? Ankle Arthritis is a condition where the ankle joint cartilage becomes degenerated. The ankle cartilage, which is supposed to be a smooth gliding surface, becomes eroded, coarse and stiff. The ankle joint can become enlarged and full of bone spurs. The ankle joint is responsible for up and down motion of… Read more »

Triple Arthrodesis for Foot Arthritis

  What Is Foot Arthritis? Arthritis of the foot is condition where the certain joints in the foot becomes degenerated.  The cartilage, a smooth gliding surface, erodes and becomes coarse and stiff.  The affected joint can become enlarged and full of bone spurs.  Arthritis of the foot is commonly associated with flat feet.   What… Read more »

Achilles Repair

What Is An Achilles Tendon Rupture? The Achilles tendon is large thick tendon located behind your ankle, and is the strongest tendon of your body. The Achilles tendon is formed from two muscles in the leg called the Gastrocnemius and the Soleus muscles and insert on the back portion of the heel bone. The function… Read more »

Flat Foot Surgery

What Is A Flat Foot? A flat foot is a term used to described a collapsed arch.  Medically, the term is pes planovalgus (for foot flatten and pushed outwards).  There are varying degrees of ‘flatness’.  Though not all flat feet are problematic, however, when there are painful flat feet can cause significant discomfort and activity… Read more »

Revision Bunion Surgery

What Is Failed Bunion Surgery? Failed bunion surgery, or a term I created is “failed bunion surgery syndrome” is condition characterized by any of the following after bunion surgery: Return of bunion New structural big toe problem (Hallux Varus) Severe stiffness of big toe joint a Excessively short big toe Arthritis of big toe joint… Read more »

High Heel Foot Makeover

What Foot Conditions Do High Heels & Pointy Toes Shoes Cause? Long term use of high heels and pointy toes shoes can result in major structural changes of the foot.  Most visual changes involve the toes and front part of the foot.  The front foot starts to resemble that of a pointy toed shoe with… Read more »