Dr. Blitz is a regular contributor to NPR on various foot health issues

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“Heel Thyself”
Aired Sun Apr 14, 2013

Many women dont know just how bad high heels are for the feet. Dr. Blitz explains how high heels result in serious foot problems, such as bunions and hammer toes. He offers his advice for negating these problems, with his high heel hangover prescription. If you have bunions from high heels, Dr. Blitz talks about his Bunionplasty® - a cosmetic foot surgery that corrects bunions while keeping scarring to a minimum.

“Summer Feet”
Aired Sun Jul 07, 2013

Summer is here, and its time to show off your feet. Dr. Blitz talks about how flip flops effect the feet and if being barefoot is good for you. He also discusses embarrassing conditions such as fungal toe nails and foot odor. So if you want to keep your feet neat this summer, listen to this show.