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“Dr. Neal Blitz is an excellent and very profesional doctor!…”

Dr. Neal Blitz is an excellent and very profesional doctor!

My son is 12 years old. He has a severe foot problem ( flat foot and harmmertoes) on both feet. The left foot was worse. I went to Bronx Lebanon Medical Center and met a wonderful foot Doctor. Dr. Neal Blitz took care of my son as his own. After four months of treatment to avoid surgery, it was clear that it was needed. Dr. Neal Blitz performed surgery starting on the left foot. After the surgery, my Son’s toes was straitening up without any complications. The surgery was successful and life changing for my son. Dr. Neal Blitz is an excellent and very profesional doctor! I highly recommend.

“Dr. Neal Blitz is an excellent podiatrist…”

Dr. Neal Blitz is an excellent podiatrist

Dr. Neal Blitz is an excellent podiatrist. My daughter had a complicated case of flat foot and Dr. Blitz did an excellent job by creating an longitudinal arch in her foot. Her foot was also severly everted and he also corrected that alignment. My daughter did not have any complications after the surgery and she recovered very well. Thanks to Dr. Blitz my daughter can walk safely and effectively without any discomfort.

“Dr. Blitz is a caring and highly skilled physician…”

Dr. Blitz is a caring and highly skilled physician

I had a small but extremely painful bunion and unsightly crossed toe on my right foot. After some online research, I consulted with Dr. Blitz. He was able to perform the surgery right away, and I was on my feet with a walking boot the day after the surgery. I experienced absolutely no pain, which surprised me, as many acquaintances who had similar procedures told me that theirs was extremely painful. I credit Dr. Blitz’ careful and minimally invasive techniques for this result. I was wearing sneakers after 6 weeks, and my “regular shoes” after 10 weeks or so. Dr. Blitz recommended physical therapy for the best recovery, and I’m glad I did that as well. As for the results, the scar is almost invisible, and the foot looks, works, and feels perfect. Dr. Blitz is a caring and highly skilled physician, and his office staff are the best.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have found Dr. Blitz…”

I am incredibly fortunate to have found Dr. Blitz

I am incredibly fortunate to have found Dr. Blitz. After enduring a botched bunionectomy in New Jersey, I began my search for a surgeon that had the necessary skills and highly, specialized expertise to reverse the damage caused to my foot. I could not risk the chance of leaving this specialized revision surgery to anyone but the finest, podiatric surgeon. During my search, I found Dr. Blitz’s website. His site was the only one that referenced the exact problem I was having and laid out, in detail, the exact steps that would be taken to lengthen my great toe. His website gave me hope that my problem could be corrected and that my foot was not a lost cause. I knew, at that moment, that I had to meet Dr. Blitz for an evaluation. During my visit, Dr. Blitz took the time to look at each and every x-ray of my foot and explained what he saw in each film. He answered all of my questions and was truly concerned about helping me. Dr. Blitz performed my revision bunionectomy and bone graft and my hardware removal after that. He also removed the unsightly scar that the original surgeon left me with. I am grateful for Dr. Blitz, his superior surgical skills, attention to detail, and his sincere desire to help his patients get better. He is undoubtedly one of the finest foot surgeons in the world. Anyone who is contemplating a bunionectomy or any other foot surgery should consult with Dr. Blitz. There are many physicians who perform bunionectomies, but very few that are on the cutting edge of medicine. He is light years ahead of everyone else in the industry. I’d hate to think what would have happened to me if not for Dr. Blitz. He is by far the best foot surgeon and the only doctor I would trust to do my revision surgery. I only wish that I had known about Dr. Blitz before having my original surgery. Do yourself a favor….see Dr. Blitz first….you will be thankful you did!

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