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“I have been blessed with Dr. Blitz…”

I have been blessed with Dr. Blitz

I just want to share my experience with the world because I have been blessed with Dr. Blitz. I use to have a non profit organization and most of it had to do with dancing. I love dancing, and for the past five years I haven’t been able to dance. I have been suffering from foot pain for four years, I tried exercise, therapy, heat, cold, everything possible that might alleviate the pain. But nothing was working, until Dr. Blitz told me I needed to have surgery to get rid of the pain. I had Plantar Fasciitis…now that is pain! I couldn’t walk a full block without pain, I was so sad. But this angel called Dr. Blitz came into my life to rescue me from that horrible pain. Yes, I say angel because he is a very caring, gentle person, and very professional. He takes good care of his patients, he was there before the surgery to make sure I was ok. He is a great doctor. I had surgery on my right foot first, then on my left foot, and I am so glad I had that surgery, I can walk again. Right after having that surgery on both my feet, I went back for another surgery, but this time for Hammer Toe surgery. This was something I always wanted to do because the pain was driving me crazy, it’s one of those pains that puts you in a very bad mood all day long, specially when you feel your toe rubbing constantly against all shoes you wear. I never thought of having hammer toe surgery, I was so scare to have it done. But After I got better from my plantar fasciitis surgery I knew I was in the best hands, Dr. Blitz hands, he is a great Doctor, the scar is almost invisible. He has changed my life, I am happy again and I can tell you that soon, I will be dancing again, thanks to Dr. Blitz. Dr. Blitz is an Excellent Podiatrist, God bless him.

“Dr. Blitz really cares about his patients…”

Dr. Blitz really cares about his patients

Dr. Blitz really cares about his patients. I saw him when I lived in New York following a joint fusion surgery I had after breaking my foot. He was friendly, helpful and really made me feel like he was doing everything he could to make me get better faster. Even now that I’ve moved away from New York, 2 years later, I still call him and ask questions about my condition, and he’s helpful as always. You can tell he really loves what he does. How doctors should be.

“I am forever thankful to Dr. Blitz…”

I am forever thankful to Dr. Blitz

For over 15 years I lived with severe bunions and a faulty ankle. I had constant pain in both my feet and I tip toed around in fear of spraining my ankle all the time. Walking, standing, exercising, dancing, shopping, running, and anything that required me to be on my feet were just torture. I thought I would have to live like this forever, but then I found Dr. Blitz and he changed my life. He is by far the best doctor I have ever had.

From my first visit with him, Dr. Blitz always made me feel like he really cared about getting my feet healthy and was never too busy for me. He answered all my questions, explaining everything in ways that made so much sense. He educated me about my options and when I chose surgery for my ankle, he did a fantastic job. I was so pleased with my experience I went back to him for bunionplasty on both my feet. That’s right, bunionplasty! He got rid of my awful bunions, corrected the alignment of the bones to make my feet more functional, and he made my feet look pretty! They look great and the scar is barely noticeable.

I recommend Dr. Blitz to anyone with any foot problem and especially to anyone with bunions. His bunionplasty works and looks great! My pain is gone, I’ve got happy, well-functioning feet, and there are so many shoes I can wear now that I’m bunion free! I am forever thankful to Dr. Blitz.

“I was back on my foot in no time…”

I was back on my foot in no time

I want to start off by saying I feel I was very lucky to be able to have Dr Blitz work on my foot. I had broken my left foot and he had to perform surgery on it. Thanks to Dr.Blitz advice I was back on my foot in no time

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