Home Preparation Tips

For the best possible outcome, Dr. Blitz strongly encourages his patients to prepare the home and arrange your support system.

Some things that may be helpful are:

  • Stock the refrigerator and pantry.
  • Cook some meals in advance to get you through the first few days.
  • Obtain ice packs and place them in the freezer.
  • Do not use ice in a plastic bag as this can leak and get your bandages wet.
  • Dr. Blitz recommends that you purchase either: re-usable ice packs or disposable ice packs
  • Place commonly used items in easy to reach places.
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  • Practice with crutches (if you will need them).
  • Have extra-pillows to elevate your limb after surgery.
  • Have your phone near your bed and/or couch.
  • Use the bathroom before going to sleep.
  • Purchase a watertight shower protector to keep your bandages dry – buy now from Dr. Blitz’ eStore by clicking here.
  • Arrange your furniture to allow for easy passage.
  • Program your Surgeons phone # in your phone in case of emergency.
  • Start nutritional supplementation to support the healing process.
  • Purchase elastic compressive dressing to wrap the foot postoperatively as Dr. Blitz instructs to keep the swelling to a minimum.
  • Buy 2 rolls of 4” Coban Wrap – buy now from Dr. Blitz’ eStore by clicking here.
  • Get your pain medicine prescription filled before the day of surgery.

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