Fly In Foot Surgery Program


Dr. Neal Blitz treats patients from all over the world. People seek out Dr. Blitz, Manhattan & Beverly Hills Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgeon, from near and far for his revolutionary and Dr. Neal Blitz treats patients from all over the worldcutting edge procedures.

We have many patients travel (domestically and internationally) for foot and ankle surgery with Dr. Neal Blitz for his surgical skills, experience with simple and complex problems, state-of-the-art techniques and natural results.

Common conditions that patients travel for include bunion surgery (Bunionplasty®), tarsal coalition, revision bunion surgery, flat foot surgery, hammer toes surgery, sports injuries and others.

Most commonly patients travel for Dr. Blitz because of Bunionplasty® No Cast No Crutches™ and minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques.  He revolutionized the postoperative care when it comes to bunions as developed a medical implant (Contours Lapidus Plating System) that allows patients to walk immediately on their foot in a small surgical shoe right after surgery without the need for casts and crutches.

Imagine… with Dr. Blitz’ techniques and protocol, you will be getting around quickly after bunion surgery – no matter the size of the bunion.  Our patients who have traveled have found it to be worth the trip.



Long Distance Consultations – Virtual Consultations & SKYPE Consultations


If you are outside of the New York or Los Angeles area (or overseas), we understand that traveling here for an initial consultation is difficult and expensive, just to fly back for surgery shortly after. Our virtual consultation allows for us to determine what your foot and ankle needs are, as well as talk with Dr. Blitz (via Skype or phone call).

Request Consultation With Dr. Blitz

The process is simple…

1. Contact us

The first step is to make contact with our office. You may call us, or complete a virtual consultation form on our website ( click here ). If you are interested in a Skype consultation, please indicate it in the comments section.

2. Send Pictures & Any Health Insurance Information

Pictures: Send photos of your feet (preferably standing). The most important picture of the foot is from the top down, and the image should clearly demonstrate your problem. Photos can be taken with a cellular phone as well. If you have made contact with us, but did not provide photos, we will remind you via email to send us your pictures.

Please email photos to Dr. Blitz at: [email protected]

Insurance Verification: If you have Health Insurance, Dr. Blitz may accept your insurance as partial or full payment for your surgical procedure(s). Our office will perform an insurance verification, and we will need the following information:

  • insurance carrier name,
  • ID #,
  • your date of birth
  • Insurance company phone number (on the back of the card)

You may email your insurance information to [email protected]

3. Dr. Blitz’ Assessment

Once Dr. Blitz’ reviews your images for the procedure you are interested in, we will contact you to review the procedure, costs, recovery, follow-up care and local accommodations. Of course we will address any questions that you may have.

4. Schedule Your Surgery

Once you have decided to move forward with surgery with Dr. Blitz, we will reserve your surgery date.

5. Receive Surgery Information

After your surgery is scheduled, you will receive a surgery packet with pre-operative instructions and consent forms.

6. Fly to New York or Los Angeles for Foot & Ankle Surgery

a. New York: Patients typically fly into Laguardia (LGA) or JFK international airports (JFK). Those flying privately usually fly into Westchester County Airport (HPN). Dr. Blitz’ NYC office is located in midtown Manhattan, approximately 30 mins from the airports. For directions to our 5th Avenue office, please click here.

b. Beverly Hills: Patients typically fly into Los Angeles international airport (LAX). Those flying privately usually fly into Van Nuys Airport (VNY). Dr. Blitz’ California office is located in Beverly Hills, approximately 30 mins from the airports. For directions to our Beverly Hills office, please click here.

Patients must arrive one day (domestic) or two days (international) prior to your scheduled surgery date. There is no exception to this requirement. You will meet with Dr. Blitz in the office for detailed visit to discuss the the surgery, postoperative care, and sign the surgery consents.

7. Recovery

Most patient return home after 3 days post-operatively. Our staff can help with hotel accommodations, as we have hotels that provide discounted rates for Dr. Blitz’ patients.

Click links for Hotels in the area:
a. NYC Hotels
b. Beverly Hills Hotels

8 Follow-up Care

Dr. Blitz has a large network of doctors and surgeons around the world that can perform basic follow-up care (remove sutures, xrays) until you are fully healed. The surgeons report back to Dr. Blitz, and you will remain integrated in the practice.

We are looking forward to treating you and fixing your feet.

Dr. Neal Blitz


Request Consultation With Dr. Blitz