Dawn’s Success Story

Blitz Video Dawn Success Story


My name is Dawn.  I found Dr. Blitz on the internet after a failed bunionectomy back in November.  I was very lucky to find him and the reason I chose him was because when I read the website it gave me hope that my problem could be corrected and that’s just what he did for me.  I’m back walking, I’m exercising.  I’m doing all of the things I couldn’t do for seven months which really changed my whole lifestyle.


My previous bunion surgery left me immobile.  It left me unable to do the things I do every day.  I’m a very active person.  I had swelling, I had pain.  I couldn’t walk barefoot on a tile floor.  Every aspect of my life was changed.


After seeing Dr. Blitz we discovered that my toe was not in the right position.  It had been elevated during the first surgery and that needed to be corrected – the positioning needed to be corrected.  The toe was too short.  I had a lot of swelling and everything that I did was very painful.


Dr. Blitz did a revision bunion surgery for me three months ago today and I couldn’t be happier.  He repositioned the toe so that my toe actually touches the ground now and I can use my large toe to propel myself.  It was basically non-weight bearing for several months, and in my opinion atrophying away.


I couldn’t have had a better experience than with Dr. Blitz.  I’ve never had a doctor who let me contact him directly by his cell phone when I had an emergency or my foot was a little sore after wearing the boot for the first day.  He put my mind at ease.  I had total access and my questions were answered immediately.


I found Dr. Blitz, again, on the internet and it was five months after my first surgery when things were not progressing and I knew I had to find solutions to the problems I was having with my foot.  After calling his office and speaking with Cheer she reassured me that this was the right place and he had helped people like me before.


When I came in on my first visit I was sold after my first few minutes of being there.  Anytime I speak to someone who has foot problems I tell them to come to Dr. Blitz first.  It is always best to come here first and have the lapidus bunionectomy versus the archaic old lady bunionectomy which was done to me in New Jersey.


First of all, come to New York and come to Dr. Blitz.  If you need a revision bunionectomy this is also the place to come because you don’t want your second surgery to fail. You’ve only got two chances at this.  This is the place to come and your problem will be corrected.


Your feet are so important.  Put them in the hands of someone who truly cares about what your outcome will be and that person is Dr. Blitz.