“You are one of the finest people I’ve met”

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Dear Dr. Blitz,

“I’ve worked with quite a few docs over the years.  In my earlier career in rehab with special needs populations of various types.  And in the last 20 years training people in pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotech companies and working with lots of different specialties.  Like everyone my age, I’ve had a few doctors work on me, too.  I can say unreservedly that you are one of the finest people I’ve met in the profession.  Your caring approach to patients, your eye contact, enthusiam for your work, expressed interest in patients’ welfare – all those things and more – really make a difference.  I just wanted to give you that feedback because I know that in your busy profession you might not always get it.  It’s been a pleasure to meet you.”

All the Best,