When should I have bunion surgery? I’m 25 living in Soho NY

by Dr. Neal Blitz


I am a 25 year old female living in Soho New York with a large bunion on my foot and wondering when in the year I should have surgery?

Bunion surgery is a personal choice as when is the best time for foot surgery.  In my New York practice, I find that everyone has a different schedule so it really depends on what’s going on in your life.  Some patients prefer to do the surgery over the winter so they can be unrestricted from summer activities.  Other people want the summer because they dont want to deal with foot surgery and winter weather.  There are also some patients who schedule their surgery around their family obligations.  

With the Bunionplasty® procedure that I created, allows patients to walk on the foot after surgery in a surgical shoe and without the need for crutches – no matter how big the or small the bunion is.  Because patients don’t need casting and crutches for 6 weeks with my procedure and have little down time they can have surgery any time of the year that is convenient for them.


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