What is Bunionplasty® and am I a candidate

by Dr. Neal Blitz

What is Bunionplasty® procedure and am I a candidate as a 47 year old male in NY with bunions?

The Bunionplasty® procedure technique allows for the incisions to be hidden –  avoiding unsightly visible scars on the top of the foot to allow for a more aesthetic outcome.  Special plastic surgery techniques are performed to minimize scarring.   In addition to the skin aspect of bunion correction, the underlying bone work is performed in such a manner to properly realign the foot bones.  With Dr. Blitz’ Bunionplasty® the cosmetic foot surgery outcome is just as important as the functional outcome.

Most people with bunions, in NYC and beyond, are candidates for a Bunionplasty® procedure.  It used to be that only small bunions could have bunions corrected with an aesthetic approach, mainly because the bone work to correct them was minimal or mild.  Since larger bunions often call for more extensive bone procedures (such as, the Lapidus Bunionectomy), older techniques did not allow this to be performed cosmetically as incisions needed to be placed on the top of the foot to access the bones.  With the medical implant for bunion surgery developed by Dr. Blitz’, the larger bunions can be corrected cosmetically as well because the bone work can be performed through incisions hidden on the inside of the foot.



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