Please describe the recovery process following Bunionplasty®?

by Dr. Neal Blitz

How long will it take before I can be up and walking again?  I am a woman 33 years of age and live in the lower east side of New York County.

The recovery after bunion surgery, in my New York City bunion surgery practice, typically takes 6 weeks for the bone to mend, however with Bunionplasty® No Casts No Crutches™ patients are able to walk immediately after bunion surgery.  I developed the Bunionplasty® to provide a cosmetic approach to bunions by using minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques and/or hidden incisions with special plastic surgery closure.  As far as the recovery, with the implant I developed (contours lapidus plating system) patients who need this implant are allowed walking immediately after surgery in a small surgical shoe regardless of the size of the bunion, which is different than older methods that require casts to the knee and crutches for non-weightbearing.


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