New York City model seeks bunion surgery without scar

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I am a 26 year old woman living in New York City. I have had a bunion on my right foot but avoided surgery because I am a model in NYC and I am always wearing open shoes. I don’t want to have a visible scar on the top my foot.  Is there a procedure that can be done that avoids scarring?

Bunion surgery requires an incision to be made on the toe so the bones can be accessed during corrective surgery. In my NYC practice specializing in bunion surgery, I have created a procedure called Bunionplasty® that allows me hide to incision in the instep (so it is not visible) on the top of the foot.  Also, Bunionplasty® uses plastic surgery techniques to hide, minimize or limit incision size in order to aesthetically preserve the foot and reduce scarring historically associated with bunion correction procedures.

In addition, Dr. Blitz believes that surgical nutrition is important to support the healing process. As such, Dr. Blitz recommends that his patient use Surgery VitaminTM products.



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