Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery Versus Bunionplasty®

by Dr. Neal Blitz

What is the difference between a minimally invasive bunion surgery versus Bunionplasty®?  I am considering bunion surgery in Manhattan and don’t want an ugly scar as I am a model.

Bunion surgery has two aspect that need to be considered. The first is the how the bones will be realigned and the second is the cosmetic result.  The most important thing is that the bones are properly realigned to remove the bunion.  


Minimally invasive bunion surgery is a technique where small holes (or pokes) in the skin are made then surgical tools are used to either cut the bone or shave the bone.  The upside is teeny tiny scars but the downside that surgeons can not always reliably properly realign the bones and place surgical hardware (screws/plates).  As such, there is a greater risk for failure or improper correction.
The Bunionplasty® procedure is an aesthetic correction of bunions that keeps incision off the top of the foot and positions it on the side of the foot, allowing for the scar to be less visible.  In addition, the Bunionplasty® calls for a plastic surgeon type closure to allow of the best possible cosmetic result – see before & after bunion surgery pictures.  Additionally, minimally invasive techniques are used to handle the skin, tissue and bone to limit scarring.  Most importantly is that the Bunionplasty® performed by Dr. Blitz in New York City also allows for the bones to be properly set and allows for the surgical screws/plate to be placed properly.  


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