Kevin’s Success Story

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Hi!  My name is Kevin.  I’m a 29-year-old medical student.  I had an unfortunate accident where I tore two tendons in my foot and a ligament.

I actually found Dr. Blitz almost by accident but it was meant to be because he repaired everything that was wrong.  He caught the problem immediately that my primary physician missed and had it not been for him I would probably have never been able to return to the really active lifestyle that I’m used to.  I was so worried.  I can rock climb.  I can run.  I would recommend to anybody to go see him who has pain problem or something wrong with their foot.

Basically Dr. Blitz will see you as a patient but he will treat you like a friend and a member of the family, part of the team.  I think that nowadays it’s pretty difficult to find a doctor who really engages with the patient.  I would definitely say that it’s very, very comfortable and professional but in a friendly environment.

The definition of irony I would say is in my certain case I was jumping out of the way to dodge a really big plate that somebody dropped and landed on the glass, which I was trying to avoid.  I cut and lacerated two tendons and a ligament.

I would definitely say the experience was very humbling.  As a medical student studying to become a foot doctor as well, I should have caught my own injury but I didn’t.  That’s okay because Dr. Blitz caught it immediately and evaluated the problem at once.

I owe the world to Dr. Blitz because without him I wouldn’t be very mobile and probably not for the rest of my sports activity career.