If I have a Bunionplasty procedure how long will I have to schedule downtime from my job

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Being a 25-year-old model of bridal gowns in Manhattan I am required to wear high heels. I have problems with bunions and at the end of every day my feet are very sore. If I have a Bunionplasty® how long will I have to schedule downtime from my job?

Bunions in Manhattan can definitely interfere with the ability to wear heels and pointy toed shoes. If wearing heels is necessary and your bunion is painful, then it makes sense to consider bunion surgery. With most of our patients in Manhattan, we strive to get patients mobilizing quickly after surgery. The Bunionplasty® allows for the bunion to be corrected in an aesthetic fashion while removing the bunion by realigning the bones.  Downtime after bunion surgery often depends on the size of a bunion, but our techniques allow a majority of patients to walk after surgery regardless of the size of the bunion.  The ability to return to work depends on the amount of activity that your job requires.  Most Manhattan patients with sedentary jobs can return to work in a limited fashion within a few days of surgery.



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