I want bunion surgery but I can not take off work for recovery time, what should I do?

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I am a 49 year old female living in New York and I have avoided bunion surgery because I have heard of the long recovery time necessary after surgery. It there an alternative?

Recovery time after bunion surgery is 6 weeks for the bone to mend.  Dr. Blitz’ techniques get patients on their feet right afer surgery no matter the size of the bunio, in most cases.  Historically, and still the case with other surgeons, the reatment of large bunions can result in nonweightbearing in a cast and crutches.

Again, in my New York practice specializing in bunion surgery I have created a procedure that has been called the “Early Walking Lapidus Bunionectomy”. The procedure (medical term: Lapidus Bunionectomy) that I perform is most often out-patient surgery and allows you to go home the same-day. The procedure uses a titanium implant that I have developed in order to stabilize the bones during healing, and Dr. Blitz protocol allows his patients to ambulate after surgery in stiff surgical shoe (not a cast or large boot).



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