I keep hearing about cosmetic foot surgery

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I keep hearing about “cosmetic foot surgery”. What is the difference between this and regular foot surgery and am I a candidate at a 22 year old woman in NYC?

Many patients seek out the best podiatrist or best foot surgeon for cosmetic foot surgery in hopes of having an unsightly foot problem, such as a bunion, corrected in an aesthetic way.  Cosmetic foot surgery, is the art of performing foot surgery in such a way to minimize, limit or hide scarring.  Surgeons who perform foot surgery may not perform cosmetic foot surgery.

In most cases, cosmetic foot surgery refers to fixing foot problems solely for foot beatification.  Most of the time, unsightly foot problems are associated with pain, so both can be achieved.  In my New York City cosmetic foot surgery practice, all patients are candidates for cosmetic foot surgery as our focus is the aesthetic outcome of your surgery in addition to the functional outcome.



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