I currently have a fungus growing on my toenails

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I am a 37 year old female and I live in New York City. I currently have a fungus growing on my toenails. I heard the medication for nail fungus is harmful to your liver – Is that true?

Many women can get fungal toenails, which can be unsightly as the nail turns colors and becomes thickened. There are several treatments for fungal toenails (also called onychomycosis).  There are oral medications (anti-fungals) that can give you clear fungal free nails.  These medications are processed by the liver.  In my Manhattan practice, I prescribe these medications carefully and order periodic blood tests to make sure the liver is handling the medication properly.  It usually takes 3 months for the medication to work, but you will notice changes a few weeks into the treatment.



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