Downtime after Bunionplasty®

by Dr. Neal Blitz

If I go ahead and have Bunionplasty® procedure on my right foot, how long will I be unable to walk? I am a 36 year old mother of two and living in New York I need to be able to plan my downtime.

Walking after bunion surgery is allowed in nearly all cases, no matter the size of the bunion, in Dr. Blitz’ foot surgery practice.  This is not the case will all foot surgeons.  Historically, patients with small bunions were only able to walk after bunion surgery and patients with large bunions had to use cast and crutches while avoid pressure on the foot for 6 weeks.

The techniques and method developed by Dr. Blitz, allow for patients with large bunions to place pressure on the foot right after surgery and avoid casting.

In Manhattan, walking after bunion surgery is important because many patients depend on their feet as a primary method of getting around.   Dr. Blitz’ techniques have revolutionized bunions surgery in that nearly all patients can now mobilize after bunion surgery.



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