Can I walk after bunion surgery?

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I am a 29 year old female living in NYC. I have a painful bunion that I have wanted surgery to correct but I commute daily to Manhattan for work. How long will it take until I can commute?

Bunions can be quite painful and there are many surgical techniques that can be done to correct a bunion (medical term: hallux abductovalgus). A bunion is formed when a bone in the first toe drifts towards the second creating a painful bump on the inside of the foot that can become painful, especially for people constantly on their feet.

The ability to commute to work depends on just how demanding your commute is.  We recommend that you make arrangements to make your commute as easy as possible while recovering.

Dr. Blitz’ techniques can get you back on your feet fast regardless the size of the bunion.  This is not a pass to run a marathon, but most patients can get around  and resume their basic routine a in stiff surgical shoe until the bone mends.

With regard to large bunions, I have created a procedure called the “Early Walking Lapidus” (Lapidus Bunionectomy). Normally a patient is required to wear a cast and use crutches but my techniques use a titanium plate that I have developed to hold the bones steady during the healing process.  Patients wear a stiff surgical shoe and bear weight on the foot the same day as surgery.



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