Bunion Surgery Recovery is not what it used to be

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I’m a 40 year old active woman interested in bunion surgery for a mild bunion, but I’ve heard the recovery after bunion surgery can be difficult.  I live in Long Island NY and don’t want a long downtime after foot surgery.   


As a top bunion surgeon in Manhattan, I can tell you that bunion surgery has changed drastically in the past decade.  Nowadays, patients can be walking after surgery in a small surgical shoe after surgery and you shouldn’t be required to use crutches.  Not all surgeons can provide that recovery as many podiatrists still require casts and crutches for at least 6 full weeks.  However, with the Bunionplasty® procedure and the patented implant that I developed with a leading orthopedic device manufacturer, I have been able to allow my patients to walk right away after surgery and no need for bulky casts or crutches.   This means very little downtime after bunion surgery.


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