Bunion surgery and an active Manhattan lifestyle

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I am a 35 year old woman living in Manhattan with a busy and active lifestyle. I walk to work and I am concerned if I have surgery to fix my bunion I will be unable to continue my daily routine. Is this true?

The ability to walk after bunion surgery (during the recovery period as the bone mends) depends on several factors.  Small and moderate bunions are allowed immediate weightbearing in a stiff surgical shoe.  Large bunions, in Dr. Blitz’ practice, also are typically allowed to walk in the same surgical shoe.  Dr. Blitz, together with a leading orthopaedic device manufacturer, developed a medical device that holds the bones together during the healing process.  Dr. Blitz has been a pioneer of this technique has called it the “Early Walking Lapidus” (medical term: Lapidus Bunionectomy).  Many surgeons do not perform these early walking techniques that Dr. Blitz developed.



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