At last, I am healed!

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Dear Dr. Blitz,

At last, through your skilled hands, I am healed! To be given such a sense of well being and wholeness, after years of suffering is beyond thank you.

Gone is the pain. Gone are the crooked toes. Gone are the ugly red bunions. Gone are the boxy shoes and orthopedic sneakers. All gone! Now, I can stand tall on my nice feet, once again.

You were not the first surgeon that I spoke with but the one i finally chose. I liked the way you handled my feet, as you examined them with attention, care and concern. I gain confidence as you simply explained what could be done with my feet (end stage arthritis and moderate arthritis and bunion in left big toe joint.) You explained, with confidence, all alternatives without pushing me into a quick decision.

My primary doctor said you had years of successful experience. So you were the one who preformed the surgery, removing the bone spurs and straightened my toe.

I wish my grand mother was still around to meet with you. All she had for her bunions was epsom salt and prayer. I would of trusted her to you.

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