Are there different types of bunion surgery?

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Are there different types of bunion surgery? I am 53, female and live in New York. I am considering removing a bunion and would like to know what methods are available for this type of procedure.

Bunion surgery is an art.  Yes, there are different types of bunion surgery performed today, but the best bunion surgeons are those who only perform a few bunion surgeries.  In our Manhattan practice, select the best bunion procedure specifically to fit your foot. Smaller bunions are surgically corrected with a bone cut near the big toe joint. Moderate to larger bunions are often treated with a bone mending procedure (called the Lapidus Bunionectomy). New Yorkers tend to be more concerned with the cosmetic outcome, but with the Bunionplasty® designed by Dr. Blitz it allows for a more aesthetically appealing outcome.


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