Active woman who loves to run

by Dr. Neal Blitz

I am a 33 year old woman who loves to run. I live in New York City and I am very active in local Triathlons and sprints. Will taping my ankles offer protection during sports competitions?

If your ankle feels unsteady or have repeated ankle sprains, then taping the ankles can offer some benefit, especially with active people involved in sports. Its a good idea to have the ankles evaluated as the ligaments may be stretched and not working properly.  Sometimes cysts (osteochondral defects) in the talus bone (ankle joint) can also cause ankle instability.

Besides taping, there are a variety of braces that can also help – such as slip on elastic braces to velco and lace up ankle braces. Physical therapy can be important in strengthening the ankle too.  Sometimes surgery is necessary to restore the integrity and stability of the ankle, and this surgery called the Brostrom procedure.



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