How To Treat Bunion Pain During COVID


Being quarantined at home during COVID likely means you are barefoot more often, which is good and bad for your feet. Not wearing shoes has the benefit of allowing your foot ‘stretch out’ and strengthen those internal muscles of the foot. Shoes also put undue pressure on prominent bones, such as bunions. Though people with… Read more »

Is anesthesia provided during a Bunionplasty®? I am 50 years old male in Richmond Hills in NY

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Bunion surgery and minimally invasive bunion surgery requires some form of anesthesia, usually with local anesthesia or a regional. In many cases twilight is used. Dr. Blitz is best bunion surgeon in Beverly Hills and New York.

How does bunion surgery and Bunionplasty® differ?

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Bunionplasty® No Casts No Crutches™ (plastic surgery for bunions) is a revolutionary procedure using patented and/or advanced modern technology that allows for immediate walking focusing on an aesthetic outcome with hidden and/or tiny incisions(s), as well as with minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques.

Please describe the recovery process following Bunionplasty®?

by Dr. Neal Blitz

The Bunionplasty® allows walking immediately after surgery in a small surgical shoe no matter the size of the bunion. Dr. Blitz’ patented implant and revolutionary techniques has modernized bunion surgery.

Why do more women than men develop bunions? Is it because of their footwear, although men also wear pointy shoes, or are there other reasons? I reside in Bronx County in New York, am female and 43 years of age.

by Dr. Neal Blitz

In my Manhattan bunion surgery practice, I find that high heels and pointy shoes promote bunion.  I often perform bunion surgery, and bunionplasty® procedure on women who love heels and want to return to high heels as the bunions limit the shoe gear.  Men tend to get bunions from genetic reasons or trauma/injury.  

My second toe on my left foot is longer than my big toe. Would this cause a bunion? I live in Richmond County in New York State and am a man 41 years of age.

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Bunions in men are not that uncommon, even in New York State.  A long big toe can result in bunion formation because the toe gets pushed in the shoe.  A long second toe can cause a hammer toe, not a bunion.  

Will wearing square-toed shoes rather than pointy high heels prevent the formation of bunions? I am a 29 year old female and live in Queens, New York.

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Shoes can contribute to bunion formation. Dr. Blitz best reconstructive foot and ankle surgeon new york provides some tips to prevent bunions from high heels.

I wear well-fitting shoes and sneakers, very infrequently wear high heels and have a sedentary position. There is no familial history of bunions yet I keep developing bunions that become painful. These happen on both my right and left foot. I am a 45 year old female residing in Westchester County in NY. I feel I’m not doing anything to cause the bunions and would like to know if there is any way to stop these and why I keep getting bunions.

by Dr. Neal Blitz

High heel shoes can promote bunions to form and get bigger. Avoid bunion surgery by following these tips by Neal M. Blitz DPM, best foot surgeon Manhattan.

I am a 33 year old woman living in Manhattan County in the State of New York and have problems with bunions that I have had surgically treated.

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Bunions are the result of deviated bones of the big toe joint. Learn how bunions form and what to do about bunion surgery from Dr. Blitz in Manhattan.

I see ads for inner shoe supports that provide not only a cushion for the bottom of the foot but arch support.

by Dr. Neal Blitz

Arch supports can help prevent bunion formation by stabilizing the foot and may prevent bunion surgery. More tips from Dr. Blitz Foot Surgeon in NYC.