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by Melanie M. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz gave me the greatest gift of all - a pain-free life!! I had complete confidence in Dr. Blitz from the moment I met him; he put me completely at ease and made sure that I understood everything about my foot and how he was going to fix it. I now have two perfectly functioning, pain-free feet. I can't thank him enough and highly recommend him!!

by David D. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz repaired my Achilles tendon rupture and now I'm doing great. His staff is attentive. The office is beautiful and in a great location. Highly recommended.

by Janina L. on Bunion Surgery NY

I recommend Dr. Blitz highly and am very grateful that I found him. After consulting with an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon and two podiatrists where I live, I flew to New York to consult Dr. Blitz. He was the only one who clearly and objectively explained the pros and cons of different options. He helped me choose the least-invasive procedure to remove a large bone spur on my right toe joint. I couldn't be happier with the result. I walk without pain and wear closed-toe shoes in comfort for the first time in years. Dr. Blitz listens, asks questions, and gives it to you straight. Although it took me two years to get up the courage to go through with the surgery, by the time I did, I had complete confidence in Dr. Blitz. Suggestion: Take charge of the process and the paperwork associated with your surgery, keep copies of everything, follow-up on details and requirements for the State of New York, and bring all documents with you on the day of surgery.

by Dawn B. on Bunion Surgery NY

He is awesome I had a  Bunionectomy .  It was wonderful and his office staff was amazing! Beautiful surgical center. He called me on a Saturday to see how I was doing. Came in on Monday Labor Day to discharge me. When we first went to see him he ordered a same day MRI to look at a cyst on my x-ray . Cher got the authorization same day ! Thanks so much Dawn

by Brain F. on Bunion Surgery NY

I've waited exactly 1 year to write this review and all I got to say is... I'm so glad I found Dr. Blitz.  He repaired my severely torn/damaged achilles tendon.  After proper physical therapy, I'm very satisfied with the results.   I found him and his office to be very professional.  His positive attitude is definitely reflected in his work.  I'm back on the soccer field and  I wouldn't think twice if I were to ever need his services again.

by Diana C. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr Blitz and his staff are the best. Professional from beginning to end. Answered all my questions, pre and post surgery. Most importantly, his work is impeccable! Had both feet done, I followed instructions post surgery and everything turned out exactly as he said it would. So happy with the results!

by Leah S. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz and staff are amazing. I had my bunion surgery a few months ago; everything Dr. Blitz said was true. I had it done on Thursday and was back in the office on Tuesday. I used one crutch for a few days but really didn't need it. I started PT 10 days after surgery which is key to getting back on your feet with no pain. My foot looks great!!!As far as bed side manner you could not ask for more. Dr. Blitz gives you his cell number. he and his staff are always reachable by phone or email. I never waited more then a few minutes in his office for my appointments. I would recommend him to anyone with foot or ankle problems. I can't wait to show my foot off this summer!!!

by Mark W. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz is an incredible doctor.  He performed bunion surgery on me a few months ago and I'm now doing so well because of him and his staff's excellent care.  I interviewed quite a few other doctors about this surgery before finding Dr. Blitz and most said, put it off for as long as possible. They warned me that I would be on crutches for 3-4 weeks and I would have a lot of pain after surgery. With Dr. Blitz's procedure I was on crutches for ONE day and a sandal (not crutches) for a few weeks.  I was in PT in my 4th week.  I'm so sorry I didn't have this surgery sooner. Through the entire procedure and follow up appointments, I found Dr. Blitz and his entire office so kind and caring with every interaction I had with them either by phone or in person.  If you are considering bunion surgery, there is no one else to see.

by Janet M. on Bunion Surgery NY

I had a bunion, arthritis and bone spur, which caused me to walk with a pronounced limp. I was unable to bend my foot when I walked, and unable to wear most shoes, forget about heels. No doctor I went to on Long Island ( where I live) was able to help me. Each one wanted to fuse the bones in my feet. That procedure would still leave me unable to bend my foot, which means I would still limp - making me susceptible to back problems. I googled Best Doctors and found Dr Blitz. I had my surgery and 6 weeks later and my foot is in a sneaker already, and I'm well on my way to walking with a normal gait and being pain free! Thank you Dr Blitz, you are the best!! Oh and I've not yet once been taken so much as 1 minute late for my appointments!!

by Ed Z. on Bunion Surgery NY

I was the patient you met a few weeks back (you helped me clarify that my foot bumps were arthritis not bunions!).  I wanted to thank you for investing the time to chat with me and draw my flow charts.  I was very educational.  I appreciate you making the time for me.

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