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by Maria S. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr Blitz and his office staff are amazing. From the moment that I met Dr Blitz and his staff I knew I made the right choice. I am 68 years old and I was terrified to have any type of surgery done on my foot.  Dr Blitz made me feel so comfortable from the moment that I met him. He is compassionate, patient and truly cares for his patients.    Dr Blitz goes above and beyond!  He is the only doctor that I know gives his patients his cell phone number and calls his patients after surgery to check on them.  If you are considering bunion surgery, say yes to the "bunion king" Dr Blitz.

by Russell B. on Bunion Surgery NY

Four years ago now we travelled from Australia to see the best in the world! Dr Blitz rectified our (then) 14 years old daughters tarsal coalition. Meg has not looked back and is dancing stronger than ever! Thank you Dr Blitz!

by Sara G. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz is simply the best doctor I've ever met, and I feel lucky that he is my doctor for bunion surgery. I don't compliment someone as "the best" very easily, so I want to share my experience to explain why I give him such a high compliment. I hope sharing my experience could help someone in the future. First, he is world's top expert in the field of bunion surgery. When I say top expert, I mean he has published many journal articles on this subject, developed new method, created patent, and has done thousands of bunion surgeries in the real world. He is a top expert in both theoretical and practical sense in this field. Second, he is a super caring doctor. I'm a very meticulous person by nature, so I bothered him a lot of times (sometimes very late at night) after the surgery for some of my concerns and questions, and he always responds to my questions and concerns and give instructions and advices in minutes (except when he's in the surgery room). That's right, in minutes. I don't know how a well-known and super busy doctor like him manages to do that, but he did it. I truly feel he cares about the results of my surgery, and he's truly willing to use all his knowledge and resources to make sure that I get the best results. This is very rare these days. Third, he did, like he promised, gave me a fabulous/fantastic/amazing result that I'm extremely satisfied with (in all aspects). I feel truly grateful to Dr. Blitz's amazing surgery skills. Besides Dr. Blitz being an amazing doctor, one more thing amazing about Dr. Blitz's office is his staff members. Cheer and Jalisa are super helpful with all the insurance instructions and are always very welcoming and super responsive. (Like many patients, I've also read every single review before I chose a doctor to visit, so I hope this review would help you make the right decision like I did.)

by Anne S. on Bunion Surgery NY

It's been over a year since my bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz and my foot looks and, more importantly, feels like it did before a bunion ever developed. Truth be told, one or two nights after the surgery when the nerve block had worn off, I was in quite a bit of pain--but about three or four days later I was able to bear weight on my foot and walk without crutches. This is HUGE in the post bunion-surgery world. Dr. Blitz's bunionplasty technique only required me to take about eight days off from work, versus a few weeks. Once I returned to the office, I was in a soft shoe (not a boot) and walking with some challenges, but independently and without any aid. After a couple of months, I was a little concerned that my foot's swelling would never go down or look normal again. Dr. Blitz tempered my expectations: patience is a virtue, and totally necessary after this surgery. About four/five months post procedure, I was out of my sneakers and able to wear my normal shoes again, which felt like a huge accomplishment. In addition to the surgery itself, the payment/insurance process discussion with Dr. Blitz's office staff and the facility where I had the procedure done (Midtown Surgery) was second-to-none. I was so impressed with the way they managed it all and gave me the details I needed. Good customer service is so hard to come by these days, and I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Blitz and the staff who very effectively allayed my worries (both financial and pain). In sum, the surgery was completely worth it and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. A belated thank you to Dr. Blitz and staff!

by Stephanie C. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz and his staff are wonderful! I never once felt rushed when speaking to him or to Cheer regarding my condition and procedure. I am finally relieved of the excruciating pain I've had for way too long. Wish I had found him sooner!

by Olivia F. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz performed bunion surgery on both of my feet, about a year apart. I am happy to report that I have minimal scarring and no pain, and I was able to make my way through NYC in a small boot shortly after surgery. From his beautiful 5th Avenue office, to his informative staff, to his thorough and streamlined approach, Dr. Blitz is an impeccable surgeon and I am grateful to have been his patient!

by Doug P. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz performed tarsal coalition surgery on our 14 year old daughter’s foot in February 2017. As parents, it was not an easy decision for us to make to have our daughter undergo foot surgery. When we first met Dr. Blitz, after researching and meeting with other doctors, we immediately felt confident and trusted him to do our daughter’s surgery. We chose Dr. Blitz because of his extensive experience as a foot surgeon, and his publications in several medical journals about the condition she had. Dr. Blitz is an exceptional doctor and surgeon. He truly cares about his patients and has a wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Blitz spent a lot of time explaining to us the surgery and how the surgery will help our daughter’s condition. We also like the fact that Dr. Blitz and his team have been performing surgeries together for a long-time. Also, Dr. Blitz’s office staff is outstanding, personable and knowledgeable. After surgery and he checked in several times with us and was truly caring it something we will never forget. Dr. Blitz would often call and text our daughter to check in to see how she was recovering. It’s been almost 8 months since the surgery, and our daughter’s foot/ankle is functioning as well as Dr. Blitz said it would. Our daughter is very pleased with the results! We highly recommend Dr. Blitz.

by Anonymous on Bunion Surgery NY

by Dorothy L. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Neal Blitz is above and beyond!! He and his Office Manager, Cheer, are so warm and welcoming. I felt immediate comfort and kindness. I was involved in an accident and called his office to schedule a consultation. Without hesitation, he squeezed me in and immediately resolved my issue. Dr. Blitz is meticulous in his work and made me feel calm and comfortable through the entire process. It's wonderful to know doctor that truly cares. Thanks to Dr. Blitz, I'm back on my feet again!!:)

by Carla O. on Bunion Surgery NY

I'm currently on day 4th of my recuperation from surgery & feel better than ever! Dr. Blitz is the best! This surgery was not as bad as expected given the severity of my bunion.The swelling is the most painful part of this procedure but once that begun to subside, I felt relieved & grateful! Today I have been able to mobilize without a lot of pain and slowly put pressure back on the operated foot. I'm sure that following doctor's orders have helped me but Dr. Blitz has a gift. I am so happy I waited 20 years to find him! I researched the BEST & that's exactly who I got!

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