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by Diana C. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr Blitz and his staff are the best. Professional from beginning to end. Answered all my questions, pre and post surgery. Most importantly, his work is impeccable! Had both feet done, I followed instructions post surgery and everything turned out exactly as he said it would. So happy with the results!

by Janet M. on Bunion Surgery NY

I had a bunion, arthritis and bone spur, which caused me to walk with a pronounced limp. I was unable to bend my foot when I walked, and unable to wear most shoes, forget about heels. No doctor I went to on Long Island ( where I live) was able to help me. Each one wanted to fuse the bones in my feet. That procedure would still leave me unable to bend my foot, which means I would still limp - making me susceptible to back problems. I googled Best Doctors and found Dr Blitz. I had my surgery and 6 weeks later and my foot is in a sneaker already, and I'm well on my way to walking with a normal gait and being pain free! Thank you Dr Blitz, you are the best!! Oh and I've not yet once been taken so much as 1 minute late for my appointments!!

by Ed Z. on Bunion Surgery NY

I was the patient you met a few weeks back (you helped me clarify that my foot bumps were arthritis not bunions!).  I wanted to thank you for investing the time to chat with me and draw my flow charts.  I was very educational.  I appreciate you making the time for me.

by Yana N. on Bunion Surgery NY

My 12 year old had surgery with Dr. Blitz in June 2016. Amazing doctor! Spent so much time explaining the condition and how he will treat it. We had all questions answered and surgery was flawless. My daughter is now on the volleyball team at her school and before she could barely walk a few blocks without pain. Scars are almost invisible. Today, only 3 months later, no pain and range of motion is almost back to perfect with great PT help that Dr. Blitz recommended. The staff at his office is great and responds to all requests and questions right away. We are so lucky to have found Dr. Blitz! Recommending with all our hearts.

As an educated New Yorker, and professional in the fashion industry; I took my time to search for the best foot surgeon to fix my bunions to alleviate the pain fix the ugly deformity so I could return to my Manolo's as quickly as possible. Little did I know, the best surgeon was right in my backyard. Scheduling an appointment was a breeze and his patient coordinator Cheer and Jalisa are both a pleasure to work with. Dr. Blitz has earned every accolade he has ever been given. The surgery was a breeze and the pain and discomfort after was minimal. He will address any issues you have with the most patience and professionalism that I have ever seen from a medical professional. As a woman of color, I have a pre-disposition to keloids. He addressed my concern and took the proper steps to ensure that I wouldn't be faced with that problem. Additionally, and arguably most importantly the post-operative care that I have received has been top notch and there's nothing else I could even ask for from a surgeon. He even called after my surgery to see how I was feeling. If you are reading this and are hesitant to have this procedure or are dealing with any other foot pain or problems, don't waste your time with other doctors...he's known as the best in the industry for a reason. I am lucky to have him as a doctor and you will be too. :)

by Niloufar F. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Neal Blitz practice deserves 5 stars, no questions about it. From the first phone call we made the entire staff was so pleasant and helpful it almost blew our mind how easy and wonderful they made the experience for us.Once we were there Dr. Blitz took his time to go over all the information we had brought with us. We had seen over 5 doctors prior coming to him for his expert advice and he took the time to go over all the information and then did a complete and through examination of the foot.  None of the previous 5 doctors combined had spend as much time with us as he did , or asked the questions he asked us .After that he gave us his opinion and a course of action that suggested that we avoid surgery and pursue another path. Bear in mind, this speaks volume about his integrity because his practice is based on providing exceptional surgery to his patients. He however advised us against it, told us what steps to take next and laid out a path for us to follow.I have to say having seen numerous doctors over the years this was a first class experience.. I highly recommend Dr. Blitz to anyone having issues with their feet, you will not find anyone who will take your concerns more seriously and help resolve them.Niloufar F.

by Suzy R. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr.Blitz is amazing! I had hammertoe arthrodesis on 8 toes. I am almost two weeks post op and my toes look great! Pain as well as swelling is minimal. Surgery was as noninvasive as possible and i was on my feet within the  same day. He is a very gifted surgeon and knows exactly what he's doing. He is also very kind, caring, and has a great sense of humor. I absolutely recommend him!

by Mildred P. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Neal Blitz is the best foot and ankle surgeon in the world. When I first came to see him I was hopeless and depressed because no one could repair my torn ankle tendon.  Dr. Blitz fixed my tendon and now I have my job back, making more money, got my husband back, and most importantly got my life back. God bless Dr. Blitz.

by Michelle F. on Bunion Surgery NY

There is no reason to see anyone else than Dr. Neal Blitz for any foot ailment. He may be the Bunion King but he knows every foot condition and how to make your feet feel and look a lot better.I thought I had bunions. I didn't. I had no cartilage between my foot and big toe. He operated on me implanting screws and all the lumps, bumps, old ways of walking when it hurt, disappeared.Later I had some heel pain. I didn't wait and went to him for a correct diagnosis. He knew immediately, diagnosing plantar fasciitis, giving me a cortisone shot, a physical therapy script, orthotics, and 4 to 6 weeks later I am in much better shape.He knows your feet, any issue associated with them. Besides his expertise, he is comforting, easy to talk to, accessible and most of all, talented. If you want your foot problem diagnosed and treated right the first time, he is your doctor.  Lastly,  his office staff of Cheer and Gelisa make your experience there all that much better.

by Blakely F. on Bunion Surgery NY

Dr. Blitz did an excellent job repairing my calcaneonavicular coalition (two bones on the top of my foot were fused together).  I'd been suffering from chronic pain for years, and although I went to a number of doctors trying to find the right help, because coalitions are rare, the surgeons I saw took one look at my x-ray and promptly concluded they couldn't help.  I distinctly remember one panic stricken surgeon who ran and hid in the back of his office, only to emerge with a horrified look and a recommendation to see someone who was "really good".Fortunately, I discovered Dr. Blitz, who literally wrote the book on tarsal coalitions.  At that time, he was with the Bronx Lebanon Hospital, and while skeptical of the location, my concerns were quickly dispelled once I met with him.  Dr. Blitz knew exactly how to repair my foot, and he patiently walked me through the process and answered all my questions.  Now, after his handiwork, I can say I am so pleased with the results. I have excellent range of motion and more importantly, no pain.  I can be as active as I want to be -- walk long distances and exercise with no discomfort.  I am so glad that I had the surgery and I don't have to deal with foot pain.  Thank you!

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