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“I would confidently recommend anyone…”

I would confidently recommend anyone

I am currently a 29 year old Podiatry student and recently had a traumatic injury to my foot in February of this past year. After falling on a large piece of glass which resulted in a very deep puncture wound I went to see my primary care physician who told me I would be fine. After a few days with no improvement I researched online and found Dr.Blitz. I contacted his assistant and was given an appointment that day. As soon as he looked at my foot he knew immediately that I had a much more severe injury. It turned out I lacerated two tendons and ruptured a ligament as well. I am a very active person and enjoy running and climbing so my immediate fear was that I would no longer have the ability to do so.

Dr.Blitz took an immense amount of time explaining my injury as well as options to treat and repair my injury. Realistically surgery was only option and I was given an immediate appointment to have the procedure done within 3 days.

The best part of this story is that I am now fully healed, walking, and active on my feet. Without the help of Dr.Blitz I most likely would not have been able to continue my active lifestyle. The most amazing part is I virtually have no scar on my foot. If you looked you would never even know I had such a traumatic injury. Truly amazing.

The level of comfort, professionalism and bedside mannerism was unlike any doctor I have encountered and I felt completely comfortable both at Dr.Blitz’ office as well as the top level surgical center my procedure was done at.

I would confidently recommend anyone considering foot surgery to see Dr.Blitz!

“The foot is totally reliable!…”

The foot is totally reliable!

Dr Blitz corrected my terribly twisted left toes/bunion about 6 1/2 years ago. Before surgery, I got laughed at in the gym because there was no way to balance on that foot. Now it’s my “go to” foot, doing very well. I’m a Realtor, which means lots of walking. Also, I do search and rescue with my dogs. That entails lots of hours of practice in Open Space areas, off road, on often hilly and very uneven surfaces, being pulled along pretty fast by my amazing dogs. The foot is totally reliable! Thank you Dr. Blitz for your excellent work!

“Thank you Dr. Blitz!…”

Thank you Dr. Blitz!

Dr. Blitz is a wonderful foot surgeon. I had surgery for heel pain and am now cured. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Blitz!

“Dr. Blitz did an amazing job…”

Dr. Blitz did an amazing job

I had lapidus bunionectomy surgery on my left foot in May 2013. Dr. Blitz did an amazing job. I was able to do a lot of walking during our August vacations in Europe. I feel much more comfortable than before surgery. Thank you

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